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i950 Thermashield 24+ Immersion Suit

i950 Thermashield 24+ Immersion Suit

Mfr. Stearns

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Increase the odds of going home with the advanced hypothermia protection of the Stearns® i950 Thermashield™ 24+ Immersion Suit. While most suits are designed to protect you in the water for 3-6 hours, this suit is tested at over four times the USCG standard to help ward off critical hypothermia levels for up to 24 hours. That means rescuers have more time to find you. The secret is in the patented air-circulating warming system. By breathing into the system’s mouthpiece, the heat normally lost through exhaled air is captured and distributed throughout the suit and the hand warming cuffs.

Other technologies, such as a waterproof zipper, integrated molded boots and gasket-sealed gloves, also help you retain body heat by keeping you dry. The hard boot soles let you move confidently on deck, while the option of removing your gloves allows you to work more precisely with your hands.

In addition to helping you survive longer in the water, the rescue light pocket and 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material make it easier to be found – day or night. Once you are found, the built-in rescue harness aids in getting you into the ship or rescue chopper.

  • Complies with SOLAS Chapter lll, IMO RES.MSC.207.(81) and is U.S. Coast Guard and MED Approved (European Marine Equipment Directive; Ship's Wheel).
  • Air-circulating warming system helps retain and distribute body heat normally lost through breathing .
  • Three-dimensional lining forms air space for warmed air to circulate .
  • Excess warm air is vented into the hand cuff (white pouch at waist) for extra hand warmth .
  • Warm air circulation system valves have break pressures light enough for normal breathing.
  • "Sump" pouch reduces excess moisture in the suit.
  • 5-mm, stretchable, flame-retardant neoprene for protection from hypothermia in the water.
  • Waterproof zipper helps keep you drier to reduce heat loss.
  • Integrated molded boots with hard soles keep out the water and aid in walking on deck.
  • Removable, tethered, gloves with wrist gaskets provide excellent cold protection and let you keep your dexterity when you need it.
  • Face shield for added spray protection.
  • Orally inflated head support helps keep your head out of the water.
  • Hook and loop strips on arms and torso help keep arms in heat retention position while resting.
  • Built-in rescue harness and buddy line to attach to rescue gear or other survival suits.
  • Rescue light pocket fits most brands of approved rescue lights.
  • SOLAS-grade 3M Scotchlite reflective material.
  • Includes size color coded storage bag.
  • 1 year warranty.
The warming feature of the i950 ThermaShield 24+ was tested with the suit, however, it is not part of the certification from the U.S. Coast Guard or the third-party test laboratory, Underwriters Laboratories.
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i950 Thermashield 24+ Immersion Suit, Universal Size
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