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Lenco LED Two-Piece Switch Kit for Single Actuator 12 or 24 volt Trim Tab Systems

Mfr. Lenco

Lenco LED Two-Piece Switch Kit for Single Actuator 12 or 24 volt Trim Tab Systems

Two Piece LED Tactile Indicator Switch requires less depth behind your boat's console as it mounts separately from the control box. LED indicator lights let you know exactly where your trim tabs are at all times. A backlit keypad automatically illuminates graphics for night viewing.

    • Self-contained integrated key pad/control box with waterproof Plug & Play Deutsch connectors
    • Low profile design
    • Overall key pad size of 2.75" x 2.75"
    • Two high-intensity LED Indicator displays show exact trim tab positions
    • Photo Eye for optimum viewing in all light conditions
    • Backlit key pad for optimum viewing at night
    • Instant response
    • Simple, quick, Plug & Play installation
    • Wiring harness length 30" (76.2 cm) from the back of the switch bezel
    • 36" power pigtail
    • 2-1/16" hole cut-out size with 4.08" clearance required from the back of the key pad's mounting location
    • Built-in retractor and Self-Check feature


Additional Description

The operation of the indicator switch is based on the position of the bow. To lower the starboard bow, press the right (starboard) side of the switch where it reads "Down". This lowers the port tab. To lower the port bow, press the left (port) side of the switch where it reads "Down". This lowers the starboard tab. The LED indicators on the sides of the display show how far each tab has moved.

When the on/off switch is turned on at the helm or the engine’s tachometer circuit becomes active, the LED displays on the indicator switch light from top to bottom and immediately extinguish from bottom to top to indicate self test at power up. If there is a problem with an actuator connection the LED displays shows every other light red ”ON“ at the side that has the problem. After self test is complete (1 to 2 seconds) the LED displays show one up arrow on each side of the switch. This shows that both tabs are fully retracted. While functioning the tabs, the LED displays indicate the position of the tabs by lighting up the further they are pressed down. As the switch is pressed up, the lights go out. When power is removed from the switch or the engine stops (if accessory wired to tach), the tabs retract from any position before powering down.

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