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Rule Fully Automatic Series Bilge Pumps, 12 volt

Rule Fully Automatic Series Bilge Pumps, 12 volt

Mfr. Rule

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$76.25 - $289.48
Rule Fully Automatic Bilge Pumps are rated from 500 to 3,700 gph. There is no float switch to go wrong as the pump utilizes current draw differential technology for operation.

  • 12 volt, Fully Automatic, pumps when water is present
  • No external floats or switches
  • Completely submersible, rust and corrosion proof
  • Water cooled motor
  • Snap-off strainer for easy cleaning
  • These models all have three wires; power, ground and an indicator wire which may be connected to a light
    Features of the Automatic Series:
  • Turns on every 2-1/2 minutes to sense for water
  • Senses by measuring amp draw (power consumption) caused by the work the pump does when moving water
  • When no water is present, there is less amp draw (work being done) and the pump then shuts off
  • It then waits and recycles itself after 2-1/2 minutes

NOTE - ALL Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps listed on this page are 12 volt DC

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Part No. Mfr No. Flow Rate Voltage Current Hose Size Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
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Rule 25SA Automatic Bilge Pump, 500 gph, 12 volt
527290 25SA 500 gph 12 volt 1.6 amp 3/4" id Each In-Stock: 1 Day $82.58
Rule 27SA Automatic Bilge Pump, 1,100 gph, 12 volt
527292 27SA 1100 gph 12 volt 3.3 amp 1-1/8" id Each In-Stock: 1 Day $121.38
Rule 51S Automatic Bilge Pump, 1,500 gph, 12 volt
15925 51S 1500 gph 12 volt 4.8 amp 1-1/8" id Each In-Stock: 1 Day
On Sale
Rule 53S Automatic Bilge Pump, 2,000 gph, 12 volt
44146 53S 2000 gph 12 volt 8.4 amp 1-1/8" id Each In-Stock: 1 Day
On Sale
Rule 55S Automatic Bilge Pump, 3,700 gph, 12 volt
70515 55S 3700 gph 12 volt 15.5 amp 1-1/2" id Each In-Stock: 1 Day $332.80
On Sale
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Additional Description
All Rule pumps work on the principle of centrifugal force. They must be submerged in the water or be below the water source. Bilge pumps must be mounted in lowest possible point in the bilge. Livewell pumps must be below the waterline. They only push water; they do NOT pull water.

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Rule 500 Automatic Bilge Pump, 27S, 1100 GPH

I have a question about your Rule 500 Automatic Bilge Pump, 27S, 1100 GPH. I have a waist tank that I would like to be able to pump water out of as it gets full. I have a 2" threaded port to get the water out of. I also have just a normal car battery to power with. Will your pump work in this situation?

Submitted by: David

Yes the Rule 500 Automatic Bilge Pump, 27S, 1100 GPH will work for your application.


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