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Screw Marine Anchors, Securing Ground Shore Anchor

Screw Marine Anchors, Securing Ground Shore Anchor

Mfr. Generic

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$67.97 - $109.38
Screw Marine Anchors, Securing Ground Shore Anchor. Excellent holding anchor for a mooring or on the shore. Ring on top fits bar to screw into the surface. Originally designed for cable ground anchors for telephone poles!

  • Hot-dipped galvanized anchors
  • Use 5/8" shackle minumum
  • Install manually or with power driven equipment
  • These anchors are commonly used for permanent moorings
  • Ideal anchor for securing logs to beach fronts

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Part No. Mfr No. Anchor Style Weight Boat Length Material Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
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Screw Anchor, 4 Inch Diameter, 54" Length
88163 J6524WCA Grapnel / Mushroom / Screw 10 lb Under 14' Galvanized Steel Each 2 Days $73.61
Screw Anchor, 6 Inch Diameter, 65" Length
88164 J6526WCA Grapnel / Mushroom / Screw 15 lb Under 14' Galvanized Steel Each 2 Days $76.65
Screw Anchor, 8 Inch Diameter, 67" Length
88165 8SCREW Grapnel / Mushroom / Screw 21 lb Under 22' Galvanized Steel Each 2 Days $118.46
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Anchor Screw Mooring Spec

Please advise of the correct single screw size for a 25’ 4000 lb sailboat to be moored in 7’ sandy/silt bottom with up to 2’ waves and 40+ mph t-storm winds. Can use a few engine blocks at anchor shaft-chain attachment point for additional weight. Is it helpful to use an additional shaft extension for deeper soil penetration?

Submitted by: Lunch Parrot

The anchor screw with an 8 inch diameter should work well. The additional weight of the engine blocks will definitely help, as well as deeper soil penetration.

Screw size

Hi, Screw size for 26000llbs 37 irwin ketch in Sandy bottom west fl?
thank you

Submitted by: jeff

We only sell up to 8" diameter screw marine anchors, but we can order up to 15". Depending on conditions, you will need more than one for that size boat and at least 15" diameter.

helix mooring anchors

I want a helix anchor to moor a 30ft wooden cruiser sternfast in a freshwater marina 5 ft deep with a mud/silt bottom. I am told the boat weighs 3 ton,
Can you recommend an anchor and supply me in Australia?

Submitted by: Sean Goodwin

Yes, we ship to Australia all the time! We do not have anything that large, but you can use more than one of the anchors at the link below.

Screw Marine Anchors, Securing Ground Shore Anchor

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