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Turnbuckle Covers, Removable & Permanent

Turnbuckle Covers, Removable & Permanent
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$22.72 - $29.59
Turnbuckle Covers, Removable & Permanent, protect yourself, sails and turnbuckles from damage by covering your turnbuckles with a cover.

  • Protect yourself and your sails from exposed cotter pins
  • Softer and easier to clean than plastic covers
  • Polyester textile will not discolor or deteriorate in the sun
  • Standard turnbuckle covers install when attaching turnbuckles
  • Removable turnbuckle covers install without removing turnbuckles

Part No. Mfr No. Description Size Overall Size Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
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Turnbuckle Covers, 3/8"
92317 TC1.13 Turnbuckle Cover 3/8" 1" Dia x 13" L Pair Limited Availability $24.61
Turnbuckle Covers, 1/2"
92318 TC15.15 Turnbuckle Cover 1/2" 1.5" Dia x 15" L Pair Limited Availability $30.26
Turnbuckle Covers, 5/8"
92319 TC175.17 Turnbuckle Cover 5/8" 1.75" Dia x 17" L Pair Limited Availability $30.74
Removable Turnbuckle Covers, 3/8"
92320 RTC1.17 Removable Turnbuckle Covers 3/8" 1" Dia x 17" L Each Limited Availability $26.75
Removable Turnbuckle Covers, 1/2"
92321 RTC15.20 Removable Turnbuckle Covers 1/2" 1.5" Dia x 20" L Each 3 Days $30.32
Removable Turnbuckle Covers, 5/8"
92322 RTC175.24 Removable Turnbuckle Covers 5/8" 1.75" Dia x 24" L Each Limited Availability $32.05
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Additional Description
Turnbuckle Covers
Complete with polyester line to lace securely in place. Sizes to fit all standard turnbuckles. Sold in pairs.

Removable Turnbuckle Covers
Polyester Velcro allows easy installation at any time. Sizes to fit all standard turnbuckles. Sold individually.

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