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Marine Anodes and Zincs

Marine Anodes and Zincs are necessary for preventing galvanic metal corrosion in boat drive systems. Go2marine supplies anodes for outdrives, sterndrives, propeller shaft and propellers by popular brands like Canada Metals, Martyr Anodes and Performance Metals.

Navalloy Anodes

Zinc anodes require periodic replacement, depending on the conditions they are to be used in; fresh, brackish or salt water. The latest innovation in anodes comes in the form of Performance Metals Navalloy anodes.

Performance Metals supplies both traditional zinc and premium high performance Navalloy anodes for use in fresh, brackish and salt water. Navalloy anodes are environmentally safe, heavy metal zincs poison the environment. Anodes are available in full kits and individual anodes for your sterndrive, shaft and hull anodes. Performance Metal leads the industry with the patented "Red Dot" wear indicator to help insure timely anode replacement.

Hull Anodes

Hull Anodes are used when you have underwater fittings bonded together electrically. The hull anode depletes instead of underwater metal fittings. These anodes must be carefully monitored to protect the propeller, through-hulls or the entire hull of metal boats.

Shaft and Prop Anodes

Shaft zincs or anodes are typically fashioned in two pieces and bolted together around the propeller shaft. Propeller zincs may be a ring zinc or a zinc prop nut. Metal rudders, struts and fins are easily protected with zinc anode disks bolted through them.

What is Galvanic Corrosion and Why You Need Anodes?

Sacrificial Zincs or Anodes are used anytime you have different metals that are physically or electrically connected and immersed in water. These submerged metals will cause some amount of electrical current to flow between them. The electrons that make up that current flow are supplied by the loss of one of the metals. Metal is lost in the form of metal ions - directly into the water! Temperature and salinity (how salty the water is) also factor into how rapidly the metal is corroded. This is called galvanic or dissimilar metal corrosion and if left unchecked, it can quickly destroy underwater metals.

Common metals subject to galvanic corrosion are bronze or aluminum propellers on a stainless steel shaft; but rudders, rudder fittings, metal struts, outboards, stern drives as well as heat exchangers and through-hull fititngs are also at risk. The way to counteract galvanic corrosion is to add a third metal into the circuit, one that gives up its electrons easier than the metals you want to preserve. This piece of metal is called a sacrificial anode, and most often it is zinc. In fact, most boaters refer to sacrificial anodes simply as zincs.

Click on the part number in the diagram below to find your anode.
CM806190 CM34762 CM46399 CM34127 CM806189 CM821631 CM821630 CM821629 CM55989 CM806188 CM806105 CM865182 CM762144 or CM762145 CM31640 982438 or CM982277 CM984547 CM983952 CM984513 CM431708 CM983494 CMDIVERMINI CMZHC5CMZHC2, CMZHC3, CMT20, CMT21 CMDIVER CMBNT1AZ CMC canada metals CMX CMGROUPER CM872139 CM3854130 (850982) or CM852018 CM852835 CM832598 CM3855411 CM873395 CM3858286KIT CM872793 CM3841427 CM3883728 (8758153) or CMV18 (DUO PROP) CM875821 (875810) or CMV15 SAIL DRIVE CM358407 (875809) CM16 (8758064) CM17 CM851983 (SAIL DRIVE) CM875812

anode finder guide CM3C7602181 CM822157C2 CM76214 CM31640 CM826134 CM43396 CM818298 CM89949 CM98435 CM6884537102 CM6E54525100 CM6J94537101 CM6K14537100 CM69L4537100 CM6644537101 CM6E54537101 CM6644537101(41107ZV5000) CM6H14525102 CM6884525101 CM6E0452511 (41106935812) CM61N4525101 CM31640(41109ZW1003) CM826134(41109ZW1003) CM6E04525111(41106935812) CM06411ZV5000 CM06411ZW1000 CM393023 CM398331(433458) CM123009CM327606 CM5007089 CM392462 CM433580 CM367 CM398873 CM431708 CM392123 CM5512587D00 CM55321Z94900 CM5512596310 CM5532095310 CM6K14537102 CM6G54525101