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Life Vests, Life Jackets and PFDs

Safety and Flotation Selection

Life Jacket Manufacturers

Go2marine has created this Life Jacket, Life Vest, PFD center as a location to easily browse through our wide selection of Inflatable Vests, Float Coats, Life Jackets & PFDs as well as our Commercial and Recreational line of equipment.

Recreational Life Jackets, Vests, PFDs Watersports Life Jackets, Vests, PFDs Industrial Life Jackets, Vests, PFDs Inflatable Life Jackets, Vests, PFDs

USCG Type V Inflatable Life Vests, Jackets & PFDs

Inflatable Life JacketsFor a compact, comfortable PFD, our Inflatable Life Vests are hard to beat. Whether you are out sailing, power boating or fishing, we have a vest for you. Available with automatic or manual inflation. See our informational page on Inflatable Life Vests, PFDs.

Inflatable Life Jackets, PFDs and Vests

USCG Type II/III Recreational Life Vests, Jackets

Recreational Life Jackets, Vests, PFDsFor paddling, sailing, rowing, riding or floating, check out our water sports selection of Life Jackets, Life Vests and PFDs in the Recreational Life Jackets. With different features, colors, cuts and sizes, we are able to accommodate most people with their chosen activity. To keep you safe while enjoying adventure, leisure or recreation activities we have a PFD for your sport.

Recreational Life Jackets, Vests

USCG Type II/III Float Coats

Float CoatsFor those colder days or when the wind is up and you still want to be safe, we have a complete selection of Float Coats. The positive buoyancy and warmth of a Float Coat is one of the reasons they are selected by the USCG, ferry workers, dockside operations, Federal agencies and avid mariners.

Float Coats

USCG Type I/II/III Commercial Life Vest Jackets & PFDs

Commercial Life JacketsWe have Life Jackets, Life Vests, PFDs or Float Coats for any commercial / industrial operations. From river rafting to marine activities of the USCG and other professional agencies, we carry a PFD for you. Check out our line of compliant and comfortable Life Jackets and Life Vests to protect you from dockside to offshore.

Commercial Life Jackets,Vests and PFDs

Life Rafts

Life RaftsGo2marine has a wide range of inflatable life rafts, survival gear and accessories to complete any safety inventory.

Life Rafts

USCG Type IV Throwables, Float Cushions, Life Rings

Life RingsFor compliance of a vessel over 16’, you must have a Type IV throwable device, options include life rings, horseshoe collars, flotation cushions, throw bags and more. They are not meant to be worn, but rather to compliment the Life Jackets, Life Vests or PFDs that you have onboard.

Commercial Life Jackets,Vests and PFDs >>