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Revere Inflatable Life Rafts and Marine Survival Products

Revere offers the complete line of inflatable life rafts, survival rafts as well as survival products including cold water immersion suits and inflatable PFDs (life vests). Go2marine supplies commercial and recreational life rafts that meet USCG and SOLA approval. All life rafts come packed in either a valise (soft pack) or canister and they include an equipment pack with essential safety items. Should you wish additional survival gear (commonly a water maker) added to a life raft order, Go2marine can insure a custom packed life raft to meet your specific requirements. Canister model life rafts will require a deck cradle, sold separately.

Revere Inflatable Life Rafts

Revere Inflatable Life Rafts

Revere manufactures a wide range of Life rafts for a variety of vessels, rescue capacity ratings and situations.

The small, light valise packed life raft, the Coastal Compact is intended for personal recreation craft used less than 30 miles offshore where rescue is to be offered soon.The largest life raft is the USCG OceanMaster accommodating up to 25 persons with either a Solas A or Solas B survival pack, meeting the needs of commercial and naval vessels, used worldwide.

Revere life rafts are available in the valise soft pack (4-8 persons), deck mounted hard container (4-12) or the davit launch (12-25 persons) depending on the packed size, weight and packed kit.

Revere Inflatable Life Rafts

Revere Survival Products

Revere supplies equipment for the survival needs of both recreational boaters and commercial vessel operators alike including Imperial survival immersion suits.

Survival products include immersion suits that are USCG and SOLAS rated as well as meeting foreign approvals, immersion suit accessories, the ComfortMax series of inflatable life vests and survival support gear. Full list of Revere Survival Products.

Revere Immersion Suits, Survival Suits, Work Suits & Rescue Suits
Survival Suits
Revere, Comfort Max Inflatable Life Vest, PFD, Automatic or Manual
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