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Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoys are used to keep one end of a mooring cable or chain on the water's surface so that ships or boats can tie on to it. The two preferred designs for mooring buoys are a traditional buoy with hardware or a buoy with a tube through the center. Both offer reliable flotation and will last for several seasons, depending upon the salinity of the water. A permanent mooring system, when properly designed, should securely position a boat so that it can be left unattended, with little attention, for long periods of time. A mooring system usually consists of a mooring buoy (to float the chain), a mooring anchor and a length of chain (running between the anchor and the mooring buoy). Also the proper ground tackle includes correct sized galvanized shackles and swivels.

Taylor Made Sur-Moor Mooring Buoys

sur-moor mooring buoys

All Taylor Made Sur-Moor Mooring Buoys are built to withstand the constant abuse of most mooring environments. Sur-Moor T3C Mooring Buoy are hard skin mooring buoys have a seamless and tough, one-piece polyethylene shell. Hard skin shells feature ultraviolet light absorbers for long-term life under the sun, and have a sandblasted finish which allows the buoy to be easily painted for identifying. Filled with EPS foam to positively displace water. Tube-through-the-center design with blue reflective striping. Hardware not included. sur-moor mooring buoys

Taylor Made Winter Mooring Buoy

winter mooring buoy the sully stickTaylor Made makes the Winter Sully Stick, Mooring Buoy. A long tapered buoy used in place of a standard round mooring buoy during the winter months. The shape and its concrete ballast help it escape ice entrapment better than a round buoy and can extend the useful life of a mooring buoy by protecting it from the damaging effects of freezing temperatures

winter mooring buoys


Polyform Mooring Buoys

Polyform buoy Go2marine offers a wide selection of Polyform Buoys that are useful in a variety of applications including Offshore fishing, Oceanic research equipment, Fish farming and for use as a Mooring buoy.

polyform mooring buoys