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Ocens Wireless Weather, Email & Satellite Communication & Information Services

Go2marine is proud to offer Ocens products and distribute their innovative services. Ocens specializes in satellite communications; satellite email and weather services as well as satellite phones for the marine industry.

Ocens products work alone or as a complete weather solution to form an effective communication / weather information package. Ocens email service compresses email text to vastly reduce costs during wireless transmission – as well as so much more. Ocens WeatherNet service allows you access a colossal amount of weather, sea and environmental information. Ocens GRIB explorer software provides you to access to WeatherNet’s GRIB information. Ocens MetMapper software combines all WeatherNet data into a viewable GRIB style display.

Ocens Mail

Ocens Mail Service offers optimized transmission compression for email service over a satellite phone. Ocens gathers, filters, virus scans and compresses then sends you email through satellite communications, while drastically reducing your access time by up to 95%. Works with many existing email software products, including; iScribe, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Netscape and others. You purchase an activation package and then you purchase time blocks of the service term, 3, 6 or 12 months.

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Ocens Mail

Ocens WeatherNet Software

Ocens WeatherNet Software, Activation & Service Plans offer access to a large body of weather related data. WeatherNet can be accessed through Satellite Phone, Cell Phone, WiFi, SSB (with your own email service) and Landline. WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world, available to the user on demand. You buy the time up front and each piece of information you access costs you a small amount per usage (often less than $1.00).

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ocens weathernet

Ocens GRIB Explorer Software

Ocens GRIB Explorer Software allows you to download GRIB files to your computer using WeatherNet service. This software package accesses data generated by weather and ocean models operating on regional, national and sometimes global scales. This is one time software purchase to enable GRIB file access on your computer.
Grib Explorer onboard S/Y Gipsy Moth IV

See Ocens GRIB Explorer Software


Ocen MetMapper Software

Ocen MetMapper Software transforms WeatherNet’s weather maps, satellite images, and ocean charts, into dynamic components adding interactive map layers and weather animation. Displays and processes weather maps, ocean charts, satellite images, NEXRAD radar scans, buoy graphs and text analyses and forecasts.

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Ocen MetMapper

Iridium Satellite Phone & Prepaid Time Plans

Iridium Satellite Phone & Prepaid Time Plans offers a form of communication that works nearly everywhere on the planet. Satellite Phones are particularly effective at sea, off shore, out of range for cell phone or other wireless communication.

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Iridium Satellite Phone