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Pullmaster Planetary Winches

Pullmaster Planetary WinchesIn 1980, B.C. Gearworks LTD became Pullmaster Winch Corporation. Pullmaster Planetary winches are used throughout the world, in a multitude of applications, where product quality and reliability is essential. Pullmaster backs up its quality planetary winches with a network of Distributors on all continents ready to offer sales, service and technical assistance.

Pullmaster has seven basic models of planetary drive winches with line pull capacities from 1,102 lbs to 500,000 lbs. Pullmaster has a wide variety of options for all of their Planetary Winches that allows them to be adapted for a wide range of applications and special operational requirements.

Pullmaster Planetary WinchesPullmaster hydraulic planetary winches are totally enclosed, making them ideal for operation in the worst of marine weather. You can find planetary winches being used as boom hoists, swing winches and for brailing operations on commercial fishing vessels. Pullmaster Planetary Winches are also used in both offshore and inshore marine capacities on ship and dockside cranes for equipment and container handling.

All Pullmaster planetary winches feature an automatic disc brake, which has a static and dynamic brake function. Planetary winches do require a counter balance or brake valve for smooth and positive control of decelerating loads.

Pullmaster Planetary WinchesGo2marine represents the entire product offering of Pullmaster Planetary Winches. If  you cannot find the winch you need please call our Kal Harris, Commercial Sales toll free 1-800-998-9508. Kal has over 35 years of experience with Pullmaster Planetary Winches.