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Stearns Marine Products & Stearns Marine Equipment

Stearns Marine Safety Equipment & Products

Through innovative design and unbeatable standards, Stearns leads the way in manufacturing standards of Industrial and Recreational marine equipment.

Stearns also supplies Marine Safety Equipment for the Military, Coast Guard, Sheriff's Departments, SAR (Search & Rescue), Police and other Commercial / Industrial needs. Stearns is especially well-known in the industry for manufacturing Nomex Inflatable Vests and Driflex Cold Rescue Suits. From work to play, most anywhere on the water, Stearns meets and exceeds needs for marine safety equipment.

Stearns Recreational Gear

Life Vest, Life Jackets, Inflatable PFDsStearns PFD Life Jackets

Stearns constructs Float Coats, Inflatable PFD's, life jackets, life vests or Inflata-Belt PFDs for nearly any activity on the water. Whether you are sailing offshore, fishing in a stream, kayaking or playing on the dock, Stearns strives to keep you safer.
Life Vest, Life Jackets, Inflatable PFDs

Stearns Industrial / Commercial Gear

Stearns Industrial, Life Vest, Life Jackets, Inflatable PFDsStearns Industrial Life Vests & Inflatable PFD’s

Stearns Industrial has a PFD to meet most foreseeable needs, including an inflatable PFD constructed of fire resistant Nomex and colors for the DOD and law enforcement. Stearns Service life vests include Stearns wide mariner range, from Merchant Mate to a Welder’s life vest. Industrial Life Vest, Life Jackets, Inflatable PFDs

Stearns Rescue & Anti-Exposure Work SuitsStearns Rescue Equipment

Stearns Industrial works closely with users of rescue gear to make products with client influenced design, including Stearns ‘burp’ loop on the I596 Driflex Ice Rescue Suit, Rescue PFD Vest and Anti-Exposure Work Suits. Stearns Rescue Gear