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Stearns' Life Jackets, Life Vests and PFDs

Life Jacket Information

Life Jackets

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Go2marine carries a complete line of Stearns marine safety equipment. Our Stearns Life Jacket, Vest and PFD page will help direct you to our recreation, commercial and other categories to find a life jacket, life vest or PFD that will suit your needs.

Sportsman Life Jackets PFDs Inflatable Life Jackets PFDs Recreational Life Jackets PFDs Commercial Life Jackets PFDs

Inflatable Life Jackets / Vests / PFDs

Inflatable PFDs, like the Stearns Ultra 4000 line are designed to be comfortable when worn, yet when inflated, provide superior buoyancy. Inflation into an air bladder is accomplished as either automatic inflation (upon contact with green water) or manual inflation (pulling a ‘rip cord’). These PFDs are most often USCG approved Type V devices with a Type II or III rating when worn.

Childrens' Life Jackets / Vests / PFDs

Children's Life Jacket Children under 90 lbs need their own designated Life Jacket. The childs PFD is designed to keep their face out of the water and for the smaller children comes with a leg strap and grab strap.

Float Coats

Float Coats Float Coats are another useful PFD that combine the flotation of a USCG Type III device with the warmth of a coat. The designs are one of two basic styles, either a bomber jacket or a longer (mid-thigh) jacket. The float coat is used in work, cold weather, commercial or waterfront operations, this is a way to be warm and safe without the bulk of a life vest on top of your jacket.

Water Sports (Recreational) Life Jackets / Vests / PFDs

Recreational Life Jackets PFDs Whether kayaking, waterskiing, canoeing, sailing or just out playing on the water, Stearns makes a PFD for you. You can choose from inflatable life vests to open cut PFDs for paddling.


Commercial Use Life Jackets / Vests / PFDs

Commercial Life Jackets PFDs For the commercial operation, Stearns makes life vests designed for use by deck hands, emergency services, USCG, search and rescue as well as many other professional agencies.


Providing 35 lbs of buoyancy, the Ocean Mate Life Vest represents a sensibly priced Type I PFD for the budget conscious boater. This style of PFD has the life vest characteristics of rolling you face up when unconscious as well as most often being uncomfortable when worn. It is the standard on many commercial vessels for use by their customers in an emergency.