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Teleflex Morse Control Cables

How to Measure Control Cable Length for Installation

For initial installations, measure the distances A and B along an unobstructed path to the throttle and/or clutch connection. Add A and B together then round up to the nearest whole foot. The result of A+B is the recommended control cable length. Cable bends for most cables should not have less than an 8" radius. Cable bends using Supreme Cables can be as low as 4". Care should be taken to avoid unnecessary cable bends and tight bends because each bend adds to cable friction inefficiency and lost motion.

For outboard applications it is necessary to add an additional four (4) feet for the loop that allows unrestricted engine movement.

For replacement cable installations simply remove the cable from the boat and measure the cable as indicated below. The simple rule is that you measure the case and ends of the cable you are replacing (wire ends excluded). That length will be the proper replacement length.

To order, specify the length in inches and round up to the nearest whole foot. Other connection kits or hardware may be necessary.

Use our "Making Sense of Marine Control Cables" Guide to help you with your marine shift, throttle or engine cable choice.