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Vetus Anchor Windlasses

Vetus Anchor Windlasses The value of an anchor windlass is not only assessed by the lifting power, but also by the haulage speed. The reversible current motors of the Vetus Anchor Windlasses have a very high output, resulting in low current consumption to maximize your power efficiency. A cast, seawater resistant aluminum casing with corrosion resistant parts make Vetus Anchor windlasses the pinnacle of quality construction. Vetus winches include a manual operation setting, reversible low current consuming motors, and a drum which may be operated separately. Appearing in a plethora of unique models, fitting various gipsy chain sizes and supporting different types of power sources (hydraulic, electric, and manual), Vetus den Ouden has once again raised the bar on power and versatility. Four basic models, AJAX, ALEXANDER III, CONDOR, and URSUS, make-up a family of high quality windlasses, available in a variety of combination of chain size and electric/hydraulic/manual operation.
Horizontal Vetus Anchor Windlasses
Vertical Vetus Anchor Windlasses

Vetus Escape, Deck, & Ventilation Hatches

High quality construction with anodized aluminum frames and durable acrylic lids characterize the Vetus line of Escape, Deck, and Ventilation Hatches. Vetus Deck, Escape, & Ventilation Hatches Whether you choose the PLANUS, or LIBERO series of Vetus hatches, an increasing selection of deck, escape and ventilation hatches are available to choose from. The transparent "Smoke" acrylic lids of these hatches filter out the brightest light, while allowing natural illumination to enter your deck cabin, or cockpit. Sturdy anodized aluminum frames highlight every Vetus deck, ventilation, and escape hatch. Hand polished frames on the LIBERO family series bring even more flare to the stylish simplicity of a Vetus Hatch. The sophistication of hand polishing can only be achieved by eliminating the appearance of surface pores with a manual polishing method. This creates an aluminum frame which is not only impervious to dirt and grease particles which imbed themselves into most manufactured rims, but which remains looking flawless throughout the cold or rainy weather, no matter how many years you may own it.

Vetus deck, escape & ventilation hatches are available in a large selection of sizes, whether your goal is to simply provide a small area on your cabin ceiling for ventilation, or a hatch easy enough to unlatch, and large enough to provide an ample escape in case of emergency. The Vetus PLANUS and LIBERO families of deck, ventilation and escape hatches provide the most visually appealing, functional, and durable solution to any deck, ventilation, or escape hatch needs, with lids which block out harsh sunlight and provide an open atmosphere for any cabin.
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Vetus Cowl Vents

Vetus Cowl Vents Designed to carry fresh air to the deck below, Vetus Cowl Ventilators are optimized for the ultimate efficiency in providing comfort in the interior of your boat. Cowl ventilators are available in a large selection of models, from revolving, removable vent models, to vents with dorade boxes. Each Vetus Cowl Vent is constructed with flexible P.V.C. and hard plastic parts to prevent rust. Vetus Cowl Vent models with dorade boxes drain water entering through the cowl and keep the lower decks of your boat dry. Stainless steel cover plates and mosquito screens are included for maximum protection of your lower decks from harmful insects and weather elements. Vetus has constructed easy to install, high quality cowl ventilators, requiring no tools to install these new models, and full 360° rotation for maximum air flow from these cowl air vents to the deck space below.

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Vetus Louvered Air Vents

Cabins should be ventilated adequately, especially when the temperature drops, to keep the humidity the same as outside. Under these conditions there will be no harmful condensation, with its destructive effect on the interiors of your vessel. Vetus provides a variety of solutions to these problems, supplying Vetus UFO Louvered Vents, Shell Ventilators, and electric ventilators. The Vetus UFO Louvered Vents are Vetus' flagship design for a comprehensive deck ventilator. Offering a permanent ventilation air way (since it cannot be close) in combination with a rain and splash proof build, make these stainless steel Vetus deck ventilators a perfect and continual solution to any ventilator needs. Vetus shell ventilators, and electric ventilators are available for even greater protection/ventilation of your craft. Operating on low power, and made of high quality plastic and stainless steel, these louvered air vent and vent parts are an excellent choice for anyone concerned about the well being of their vessel's interior.
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Vetus Portholes

Portholes are an essential part of a craft providing below-deck ventilation, and visibility without exposure to the elements. Vetus Portholes provide the best qualities of a ventilator and window. Durable rubber lining inside the hand polished or anodized aluminum frames of these portholes ensure a fit which is completely water-tight, ensuring that your vessel's interior remains completely dry. Vetus Portholes are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes to fit your every need. Smoked colored acrylic panes allow an unobstructed view of the ocean while allowing you maintain a water-proof seal between the elements and the inside of your boat. Hand polishing creates a sophisticated look for your Vetus porthole, the surface pores being polished out to create a sheen which remains impervious to dirt and oil particles which can ruin the appearance of aluminum. Despite long periods of wear and tear, Vetus Portholes remain water-tight and clean as a result of their high-quality construction and durable parts.
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Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters

When maneuvering a boat, which has nearly come to a standstill, the required control of the movements of the boat, especially those of the bow, is extremely difficult to achieve. Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters In such cases, a Vetus Bow & Stern Thruster is the solution of the problem. Even when the boat lies dead in the water, complete control of the movements of the ship's bow or stern will be ensured by operating the thruster. Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters come in a variety of horse power and tunnel size models. Fiberglass, aluminum, and steel tunnels are available in a selection of sizes to specifically fit your boat. Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters, tunnels, control panels and other parts are available to create the optimum performance and ride possible with a thruster.
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Vetus Exhaust Hoses & Fittings

Vetus Exhaust Systems
Vetus Exhaust Systems, Hoses & Fittings include a large selection of waterlocks, goose necks, transom connections, mufflers, and hoses to complete any exhaust system. Built with high quality, durable plastic, and stainless steel parts, Vetus Exhaust Systems are easy to install with 360° rotating connections, noise canceling interiors and compact forms.

To compliment Vetus' well known LP waterlocks, Vetus has constructed two new models made of injection-molded plastic. These Vetus Waterlocks are durable, corrosion proof, and light in weight. These new waterlock models feature dual stage construction (upper and lower chambers), offering superior silencing of exhaust noise and minimizing back pressure.

Vetus Transom Connections can be purchased in a large variety of sizes, in high quality rubber, plastic, stainless steel, or bronze. Vetus Transom Connections come in models either fitted directly to the exhaust hose, or connected by a plastic exhaust hose connectors. Transom connections are supplied with options with or without a check valve for ultimate customization to your needs

Vetus Exhaust Hoses are extremely flexible tubing which can be manipulated and bent easily for a painless installation. Meeting LLOYD's approval and the SAE-J 2006 requirements, Vetus Rubber Exhaust Hoses remain an excellent choice for any mariner interested in quality exhaust system equipment.

We supply a large selection of Vetus exhaust systems with water injection, transom exhaust connections, rubber exhaust hose, waterlocks for long exhaust systems, exhaust systems for high performance craft, and exhaust systems for large engines. Constructed with the highest quality parts, and available in a large selection of various exhaust system models, Vetus Exhaust Systems, Hoses, & Fittings is a comprehensive section to completing a customizable, durable exhaust system.

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Vetus Helm Pumps

Dedicated to providing the best marine parts available, Vetus supplies a complete line of hydraulic steering pump mechanisms and pump system valves. Vetus Steering System Pumps are axial piston types, with minute pistons within, directly activated by the steering wheel itself. While this does not provide the cheapest steering system, the quality is unmatched, the zenith of safe, reliable hydraulic steering. All Vetus pump parts and valves are manufactured to the highest standards and are forged from the best materials, for long service life, operating efficiency, and corrosion resistance. A variety of pump valves are also included to make any replacement parts or accessories easy to obtain.

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