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Marine Water Heaters

Go2marine carries a wide variety of marine water heaters and parts. Popular makers include Isotherm, Seaward, Torrid and Kuuma and more. If you know which you want and don't find the item on our site, we're happy to track it down for you.

Isotherm Seaward Torrid Kuuma

If you're not sure which make is the right one for you, finding the right water heater starts with asking yourself if you need a simple, cheap, affordable replacement for the one you've got or if you are looking for a water heater with the best functionality availalble.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

Isotherm Water HeaterIsotherm Isotemp models are widely popular upgrades for aging water heaters. Their quality and functionality make them desireable because they are energy efficient with the capability of using your engine heat to heat the water.

Isotherm Water Heater Upgrades

Replace Your Water Heater

Water Heater ReplacementsFor a "nothing fancy" affordable, standard replacement for an existing water heater, consider Seaward. You'll have a wide variety of material, style, and voltage options to choose from.

See Seaward Products

Heat Water with Engine Loops or Coils

Isotherm Water HeaterIf what you're looking for is a water heater that runs off of your engine via an exchanger coil, Isotherm is again your best bet.
Isotherm Water Heater

Heat Water with Your Cabin Heater or Engine

Hydronic water heating means that you are already using a water radiator to heat your boat. If you'd like to use your hydronic heating solution to heat your water as well, we can help, but it's more complicated and we don't list the products on our site, so give us a call and we're happy to help find you a solution.