LFS Inc. was founded in 1967 in Bellingham, WA as a supplier to commercial fishermen. Since then the company has grown and diversified but the core business is still commercial fishing supplies. The corporate headquarters and the Trawl division are located in Bellingham, WA.


Store Locator

    • Multiple locations in Washington & Alaska
    • Recreational and Commercial Fishing Gear
    • Outdoor Clothing and Goods
    • Boating Supplies
    • Marine Engine Parts
    • Kayak Rentals

Commercial / Wholesale

  • Complete inventory of commercial fishing gear for all the major fisheries
  • Safety gear and supplies for processing
  • Dedicated staff for order processing
  • Competitive pricing
  • World wide shipping

Sports & Industrial Nets

  • Leader in Trawl Design
  • Longline Gear & Supplies
  • Supply everything from single crab pot fishing to longlining crab
  • Gillnet supply and hanging
  • Recreational Netting Design (Gold, Baseball & More)
  • Industrial Barriers (Landfill, Marine, Avairies & More)