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From: $92.50
Galvanized Claw Anchor
Mfr: Lippert Components
Lewmar Delta Anchor 55lbs Stainless Steel
SKU: 167320
Mfr: Lewmar Marine Ltd.
Mfg# 0057325
LFS# LMR0057325
From: $495.98
Original Rocna Anchor
Mfr: Rocna
From: $190.95
Mantus M1 Anchor, 8 to 125 lb Sizes Available
From: $31.91
Sea-Dog, Mushroom Anchors, Cast Iron
Mfr: Sea-Dog
From: $10.71
Sea-Dog, Folding Grapnel Marine Anchors
Mfr: Sea-Dog
From: $18.88
Folding Grapnel Anchor
Mfr: SeaChoice
From: $156.05
Fortress Aluminum Boat Anchor
Mfr: Fortress Anchors
From: $1,793.97
Forfjord Marine Anchors
Mfr: Forfjord Supply
From: $125.37
Washington Chain & Supply, Workboat Anchor
From: $35.63
Sea-Dog, Navy Anchor, Cast Iron
Mfr: Sea-Dog
From: $193.40
Claw Anchor, Galvanized Steel
Mfr: SeaChoice
From: $89.47
Plow Anchors, 14 to 44 Pounds
Mfr: SeaChoice
From: $50.71
Greenfield, Slip-Ring Lightweight Style Anchor
Mfr: Greenfield Industries
From: $109.57
Jim Buoy, Trolling Anchors
Mfr: Jim Buoy
Jim Buoy, USCG Approved, Storm Sea Anchor, 36 in. Diameter
SKU: 224303
Mfr: Jim Buoy
Mfg# 929
3 Lb Galvanized Anchor Kit
SKU: 245190
Mfr: Sea-Dog
Mfg# 318003K
LFS# SDL318003K
10Hq Quick Set Anchor, 100 ft 3/8 in. Line w/Thimble, 1/4 in. x 4 ft. Chain
SKU: 245463
Mfr: Tie Down Engineering
Mfg# 95090

Anchors & Anchoring


Anchoring is an activity every boat owner has personal feeling about. It’s a topic constantly been written about, a topic that has consumed hours of discussion and an activity some find daunting or confusing. At Go2Marine a prudent captain can find any type of anchor, chain, shackle or rode that will provide security and a sound night’s sleep in any anchorage.



What Anchor?


Selecting the correct anchor for your cruising style should not be complicated. Sail to any of Go2Marine’s anchor brands like Mantus, Rocna, Sea-Dog, and Danforth where they have many anchor styles to guide you on your way to anchoring bliss. Anchors come in all shapes and sizes with some being more specific to ground conditions while others overlap like the famous Original Rocna Anchor and all are sized to the weight, size and type of vessel being anchored. Go2Marine stocks a large inventory of anchors ready for a muddy, sandy, rocky or grassy bottom. Whether the anchor is shiny stainless for a yacht, galvanized for a cruiser or workboat or a lightweight Fortress Aluminum Boat Anchor for weight conscious sailor Go2Marine offers a large selection of top quality anchoring products.



Anchor Chain or Rode


An anchor matched with the correct chain is a prelude to a capable ground tackle arsenal. Anchor-chain must also match the windlass gypsy and the windlass manufacturer should provide information on the type of chain required. Chain is manufactured domestically or it’s imported and is made of stainless steel or commonly used galvanized steel, where hot dipped galvanized chain is the workhorse of the industry such as Grade 30 ISO, Hot Dip Galvanized Chain in a Pail. A common practice to reduce weight up forward in the chain locker is accomplished by attaching a stout anchor rode such as Twisted Nylon Anchor Line in White or Samson 3-Strand Anchor Line to the end of the chain. This also affords anchoring in deeper water without the added anchor-chain weight suspended from the bow roller.



Shackles, Swivels, Thimbles and Seizing


In order to hold all these important components together shackles are a must. All shackles must be rated to match the load of the chain and are available in stainless, galvanized or painted steel. Attaching the anchor-chain to the anchor is also accomplished using a suitably sized swivel like Kong Snaps Swivel Anchor Connector, Imtra, Stainless Steel Swivel Anchor Connector or Sea-Dog, Stainless Steel Anchor Swivel Connector. These help with removing twisting in the anchor chain and rode that develops over time from swinging at anchor or as it is hoisted from the depths. It is good practice to secure the pin of any shackle used in the anchor-chain / rode combination and this is usually done by seizing it with stainless or Monel wire. If the anchor-rode requires and eye splice a suitable thimble such as Sea-Dog, Nylon Thimble W/ Keeper is a must. This will protect the rode and retain the rode’s integrity by preventing a sharp kink.


To Mark or Not to Mark


Marking the anchor-chain is a way of knowing how much chain and rode is deployed or how much more is left to retrieve. During hauling the anchor, it is super convenient with letting one know how close the anchor is to the surface. There are multiple ways to mark the anchor chain with some ingenious and practical ways such as the IMTRA Chain Markers, 5/16", 3/8", & 1/2".