Electrical Panels, Switches, Breakers & Fuses

To help you with your boat's power distribution, panels are available with volt meters, backlighting, LED indicators and breakers or fused switches.


Design elements to be considered:


• Custom Configurability - Does the panel offer you the option to select the appropriate circuit breaker amperages to isolate and limit loads?
• Physical size -Does the panel fit in the space that you have available?
• Modularity - Does the panel offer you horizontal or vertical layout options?
• Flexibility - Does the panel offer you an option for future expansion?
• Ergonomics - Does the panel have a user-friendly layout?

Function elements to be considered:


• LED Indicator Lights - Color-coded LED's can be very functional.
• Backlighting - Meters and labels should be easily read in low light conditions.
• Function Labels - Labels should be easy to add and change.
• Meters - Meters should be accurate with easy to read scales or digital displays.

Quality features to look for:


• Tinned stranded copper wire rated at 105°C
• Bus Bars
• Properly rated for total ampacity
• Solid Copper /Tin Plated
• Conveniently Panel Mounted
• Panel should be made of a corrosion resistant material such as aluminum
• Durable surface finish such as a polyurethane or powder coat finish
• Quality Components
• Superior Workmanship