Wood Repair

Revitalize your boat's wooden surfaces with top-quality wood repair products. Discover the finest resins, epoxy, and fillers from BoatLife and System Three specifically designed to combat rot.

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From: $20.89
Git-Rot Liquid Epoxy Kit
Mfr: BoatLIFE
From: $52.74
System Three Resins, Silvertip QuickFair Kit
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
System Three Resins, Silvertip Ez-Fillet Kit
SKU: 240093
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
Mfg# 1430K40
LFS# SYS1430K40
From: $38.55
System Three Resins, Rot Fix Kit
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
Interlux Inter-prime Wood Sealer Clear, 1026
SKU: 91959
Mfr: Interlux Yacht Finishes
Mfg# 1026-4
From: $38.56
System Three Resins, General Purpose Epoxy Resin (No VOC's)
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
From: $24.71
System Three Resins, Hardeners, #1, #2, and #3
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
From: $45.00
System Three Resins, Clear Coat Kit
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
From: $20.46
System Three Resins, T-88 Epoxy Adhesive Kit
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
From: $8.52
System Three Resins, Wood Flour
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
System Three Resins, S1 (C.P.E.S.) Sealer 1:1
SKU: 243176
Mfr: System Three Resins, Inc.
Mfg# F1400K16
LFS# SYSF1400K16
From: $3.28
Gorilla Wood Glue
Mfr: Gorilla Glue Company


Wooden Boat Repair


Wood rot repair is part of the ongoing maintenance of any wooden vessel or is a major project waiting down the line. Boat wood rot repair is not limited to wooden boats but is a curse of potentially any wood found on a boat. The task could be as simple as replacing a small piece of deck or it could be a full-blown wooden boat restoration. Old techniques still prevail although many repair techniques are superseded with the use of modern products such as wooden boat repair epoxy. Manufacturers of epoxy resin specially formulated for the marine environment such as System 3® and West System® have produced products that are used is all aspects of wood repair on vessels. These manufacturers also have produced literature and to provide guidance on how to restore a wooden boat or for the adventurous that are embarking on building one. Boat epoxy resin is also used in the repair of components other that wood such as fiberglass, steel, and some plastics. Boat repair in general invites some of the most foul smelling and toxic products so it is always important to wear personal protective equipment so suit up and get to repairing.


Wooden Boat Wood Finishes


Successfully completing a wood repair is rewarding and succeeded by applying a good sealer, the primer, and the final topcoat paint. Choosing a paint regiment that will perform is very subjective because paint types and methods do not perform equally in all geographical locations. For the freshman it is always prudent to consult locals in the area to find a true and tested method that yields good results that can be copied. The type of finishes is also dependent on who is applying them. Some finishers prefer oils and other paints. In the end, no matter what type of product is applied and how, the outcome is always super rewarding not only because it looks good it also is an indication that the project is nearing completion and it’s time to get back on the water.


Wooden Boat Repair Tools & Equipment


In wooden boat repair, there is always the need for consumables such as drop clothes, tape, sandpaper, sandpaper, and more sandpaper. When using epoxies, then mixing containers, stirrers, brushes, rollers, PPE are also required, and the list goes on. How much is required is the never-ending question. Many of the consumables are also used in the different phases of the restoration and therefore it always appears to run out. Therefore, stock up and try and enjoy the journey because the outcome is always worth the effort.


Wood Repair Tools


Any project comes with a requirement for tools. Some of the tools used in wooden boat repair and painting are disposed of after one use while others are reusable. The reusable tools often need cleaning such as a good paint brush and this will require some solvents and a spinner to help dry and restore the brush. It is also possible to extend the life of some tools by protecting them such as using a liner in a sturdy paint tray and prolonging the life of the paint tray.