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Amerex Fire Extinguisher Bracket, 818S, 4.25in Dia.
SKU: 539382
Mfr: Amerex Fire
Mfg# 818S
LFS# 818S
Kidde Mariner 5, Dry Chemical Extinguisher, Class 5-B:C
SKU: 567773
Mfr: Kidde Safety, Inc.
Mfg# 21030890K
LFS# KID21030890
Kidde, Mariner 10 Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Class 10-B:C
SKU: 567781
Mfr: Kidde Safety, Inc.
Mfg# 21030898
LFS# KID21030898



Sea-Fire Marine fire extinguishers are filled with FM-200 agent. FM-200 is the most accepted and safest fire extinguishing agent on the market today. FM-200 delivers optimum extinguishing performance in just seconds, operating primarily by removing heat energy from fire and inhibiting combustion.


Since FM-200 is a clean gaseous vapor, there is not the traditional clean up of fire extinguisher powder, foam or residue. Thus, sensitive equipment including radar, electronics and the engine itself are not damaged and can be fully operational following fire extinguisher activation. Vessels using FM-200 Sea-Fire fire extinguishers and suppression systems, often see their insurance rates decrease.


FM-200 fire extinguishers are extremely safe for people as well. Over 70 industry toxicity test verify its safe use in occupied areas. FM-200 is recognized as the premier Halon replacement and enjoys worldwide acceptance.


FM-200 is replacing CFC propellants in pharmaceutical inhalers, including asthma dispensers. Designed to produce non-toxic and non-corrosive protection, the agent is also non-ozone depleting. FM-200 is not subject to any environmental phase-out schedule and has received worldwide environmental approval.


We carry the full line of Sea-Fire Marine FM-200 fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. If you do not see what you are looking for online, give us a call.


Kidde Safety


The Mariner line of dry chemical models covers most hazards associated with watercraft. All models feature corrosion resistant, attractive white finish. Disposable and rechargeable models are available. All models come with retention brackets and meet U.S.C.G approvals. Kidde's Fire Controlâ„¢ line of rechargeable and disposable models has been designed to meet the heavy demand requirements of vehicle fire protection. All models come with sturdy retention brackets designed to keep the unit secure during transit. All models have DOT approvals.



Kidde's most popular line of commercial and industrial extinguishers is the Pro Line Fire Extinguisher Series. Available in ABC and BC dry chemical and Carbon Dioxide. All Pro models feature durable aluminum and/or brass valve assemblies and metal handles and levers. Cylinders are manufactured from either aluminum or steel. The 5lb ABC dry chemical models meet or exceed the minimum extinguisher requirements for Class A & B light and ordinary hazard occupancy as recommended by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). While the 10lb and 20 lb ABC dry chemical models meet or exceed code for Class A & B extra hazard occupancy.


Commercial fire extinguishers are under high pressure and can be dangerous if improperly used. The National Fire Protection Association requires persons performing maintenance and recharging of fire extinguishers be certified. Commercial fire extinguishers should only be purchased from and serviced by a reputable Fire Equipment Distributor holding NFPA 10 certification.