SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves

$23.87 to $24.67
$23.87 to $24.67



  • Provides warmth with protection from liquids in cold conditions while allowing comfort of a breathable glove
  • Insulated liner provides barrier from cold ensuring warmth and comfort all day long
  • Liquid proof technology provides a barrier against water and liquids
  • Breathable technology allows warm air and moisture from inside to escape to keep your hands dry
  • Fixed insulated acrylic liner
  • Waterproof TEMRES technology

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Item #
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves, 2X Large
Item #:562697-2XL
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves, Medium
Item #:562697-Medium
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated Gloves, X-Large
Item #:562697-XLarge
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated Gloves, Large
Item #:562697-Large



Ratings & Reviews

46 reviews

Excellent winter work gloves.


These gloves are excellent for outdoor winter work. My hands don't sweat, keeping them dry. Dexterity is excellent as well as fit. Should be 5 star rating. But last star won't light up.

Tough and Effective


What sets these gloves apart from the pack is the rugged construction. I've used them for years and they show no sign of wear. I was pleased to find them in black with the cinch tab. BTW, no glove like this is "breathable", unless you mean through the glove opening. No matter - they are the best I've ever found. Commercial fishermen use them.



Nice gloves works perfectly warm and dry! I would maybe go up a size than my usual for my next pair.

Ice Climber Approved


I use these for ice climbing - they have just the right dexterity, waterproofness, and warmth for leading ice in any conditions; plus - they look good and the price point allows me to beat them up without worrying about breaking the bank getting replacements (still on my first pair after about 30 days on ice, three pairs cued up to replace).

Good glove for climbing


Have been using these for ice climbing for a few years now and they are my preferred glove for mellow temperature days. Good dexterity, waterproofing and abrasion resistance. Excellent glove. Lining wears out after a while.

Great value


Warm, durable, waterproof, fit well, true to size,
<br>made in Japan, affordable, no complaints.
<br>I use on frosty hikes when it’s wet. They look industrial.

They really do work well for ice climbing


They really do work well for ice climbing

Best glove at any price


Having used high-end mountaineering gloves and mitts, these are as good or better. Cheap enough to keep a spare pair in your glove box.

Good warm waterproof gloves, watch sizing.


Bought these for winter climbing but not used them yet. Seem warm and waterproof. As others have said, be careful of the sizing with these gloves. I have small hands but fairly thick fingers, I think usually uk size 7. I bought medium, and they are the right size of finger length, but the fingers are pretty tight. I think they will be ok for me, just.

Bad ass gloves


Amazing gloves. I use them for ice climbing and love them. Hands are warm, yet plenty of dexterity. Thank you!

Good cold weather glove, but not too durable.


Used these ice/mixed climbing and for shoveling snow. They're warmer than they look. They're not very durable though. Abrasion in particular wears out the surface and I'm seeing some wear around the interface between the thumb and index finger after less than 20 days, probably from when I pull up rope to clip into a carabiner. In the future I may try to reinforce this area, maybe wrap some duct tape around it or something.

Rain/Cold shell for backpacking


I cut/ripped out the liner so that I can wear these over wool liners that I always carry. Makes the shell smaller and lighter to pack.
<br>Bonus: The shell is a half-size larger than a 281 shell.

Great gloves for spring skiing


These gloves were recommended to me by a friend who ice climbs; I don't, but got them as spring skiing gloves for hiking up steep slopes where my hands are in regular contact with wet snow. They work great! Nothing got in there, they fit well. Recommending them to everyone I know who might use them.

Great Gloves


I bought my first pair about 1 1/2 years ago to see how they compare to my OR gloves for winter adventures in the PNW. I figured, if I don’t like them, they only cost $23. So, it doesn’t hurt the pocket that much. Well, these gloves surpassed my expectations. I wanted to see how well these gloves would keep my hands warm and dry. I went up into the Olympic Mountains to snow level and found the first creek I could find. I put the gloves on and stuck my hands into the creek to see how long they would keep my hands dry and warm. Well, after 10 minutes, my son and dog got bored waiting for me. My hands stay dry and warm past my expectations. Since then, I have used them for backpacking in the winter, digging my truck out of the snow, building snow forts, snowshoeing, and multiple other cold weather activities.

Perfect for outdoor activities in Alaska


These gloves are perfect for moderate temperature outdoor activities in Alaska. By moderate I mean temperatures above 10 degrees. I love the dexterity and fit although they run slightly small.

Reynaud's solution


I have Raynaud's syndrome and can totally lose the use of my fingers if they get cold and damp. I use these exclusively for hiking in cold wet weather. They work perfectly for that purpose. It is most important that I keep my hands dry and secondly warm. These do the job. They also seem to be extremely well made an durable. Highly recommend them.

Ice climbing Colin Haley suggested


Excellent ice/snow climbing gloves these outperform gloves that are $175 more. They fit small. I still have good dexterity with these I wear them for all but the hardest pitches



amazing gloves, warm and insulated

Warm hands for winter rides


I finally think I found gloves to keep my fingers warm enough for winter rides! A fellow family biker recommended these. Time will tell as I’ve only just begun using them.

True multi-purpose gloves!


I found an additional use for these great gloves! I love them for walking the dog, they are flexible enough to pull treats from my pocket and work the doggie poo bags.<br>I was cleaning the car last night (company is coming) and since it was after dark and cold (nothing like waiting until the last minute) I had my showa gloves on!<br>AND...... they work great to remove excess dog hair from seats and crevices that the vacuum didn't pickup. Just drag your hand across the seat and all the dog hair comes up and can be then vacuumed!!

Amazing gloves and hats off to G2M customer service !


First, thank G2M customer service : I ordered 2 pairs last year from France and only one arrived. I explained the problem with evidences and they sent me the 2nd pair at no cost asap keeping me informed of the process the whole way (thank you Karen).
<br>Theses gloves are amazing for winter activities (I used them for ice climbing, ski mountaineering and alpinism). They can be use from 0 to -5* C no problem, more if being active (I use small thin undergloves inside). I have bad blood circulation in my hands and feet and it’s the only glove that protects me well enough (thanks to their water/windproofness and long gauntlet preventing snow and water going into the jacket sleeves).
<br>Only downside would be that even with good sizing, glove can be a bit loose (the gloves gets tangled in carabiners) and that you shouldn’t sweat in them as they keep moisture inside.
<br>Banger for the price for sure !


Can the Showa 282 be submerged in water and keep the hands dry?
NIta H.

While the TEMRES are waterproof up to the cuff, they are not dry-suit waterproof. If submerged in water, there will be leakage in at the top of the cuff.
Rich S.