Black Plastic Gas Tank Vent

Mfr: Perko
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Black Plastic Gas Tank Vent
SKU: 224973
Mfg# 0571DP4BLK
UNIT: Each
Barb Size: 5/8"Mounting Hole Diameter: 3/4"Mounting Thickness: 3/4" Maximum
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Black Plastic Gas Tank Vent

Black Plastic Gas Tank Vent

Manufacturer: Perko

Category: Tank Vents



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Do youhave documentation on how this vent is mounted?
Stu G.

Here are the current instructions to install the Perko 0571 Series Gas Tank Vent with Swivel Elbow:
Read all directions before proceeding.

  1. On gasoline tanks, vent must be installed in accordance with U.S.C.G. Safety Standards for Boat Gasoline Fuel Systems, #33CFR183 and A.B.Y.C. Standard H-24
  2. Locate mounting surface with thickness up to 3/4 inch maximum
  3. Drill 3/4 inch diameter hole in mounting surface
  4. Move the nut and washer toward bend in elbow
  5. Remove vent head and splash guard assembly
  6. Insert threaded end of elbow through mounting hole, and apply bedding compound around outside of mounting hole
  7. Remove splash guard from vent head, and attach vent head to threaded portion of elbow, tightening securely to insure proper seal. NOTE: Nut and washer must be moved back far enough such that vent head bottoms out on the threaded end of the elbow (not the mounting surface) to insure proper seal
  8. Align elbow to suitable orientation, with regard to vent hose path
  9. Tighten nut and washer to inside of mounting surface
  10. Attach vent hose to barbed end of elbow, and secure with a hose clamp
  11. To pressure test fuel system, remove splash guard and attach optional orange test cap (Cat. No. 0101)
  12. Remove test cap and reattach splash guard after pressure testing