Safety Equipment & Personal Flotation

Safety at sea is much more than just live vests, jackets and float coats. Marine safety equipment saves lives. Boats with EPIRBS, personal locators, life rafts, immersion suits, signals and first aid supplies are set to take adventure as it comes; even if it's the unexpected.

Safety at Sea includes Signaling Devices that will help search and rescue teams and other boaters locate you and your boat.
We carry life vests, jackets, life rings float coats and storage solutions & more.
A complete line of EPIRBs & Personal Locators at LFS with a complete line of outdoor gear.
Life Rafts, Immersion Suits and other gear can make the difference between life and death out at sea.
A boat fire is a scary thing. Being prepared to prevent, detect and extinguish a fire is the best defense to quell that fear.
Safety & Personal Flotation
Find Personal Protection gear for the DIY boater that helps increase safety and gets the job done.
Flotation Accessories