XTRATUF is built for the worst, so you perform your best. Keeps you upright, safe, and moving forward in places where you feel most alive. XTRATUF is driven to create the most protective boots and gear, so that seafaring souls can keep working and doing—prepared for anything

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Xtratuf 6 Inch Ankle Deck Boots


One of the most popular lines of rain boots by Xtratuf is the 6 inch ankle deck boot. This is a great boot to wear off and on the waterways. Learn more about the Xtratuf 6 inch deck boots and why we recommend them.


Xtratuf Women’s Boots

Women fish, too. And work hard. And some women work hard at fishing, like commercial fishing sisters Emma and Claire, who pretty much grew up on Alaska fishing boats and went on to start their own fishery and clothing line, the Salmon Sisters. Come summer, they're back on the fishing boats in addition to running their business!

Then there’s women like Linda Leary, who love recreational fishing but hate being unable to find appropriate clothing with a decent fit because, you guessed it – most fishing apparel is designed for men. So, Linda founded Fishe® Wear and began creating functional fishing fashion for women.

We are proud to include fishing shoes and boots from both female-founded companies in our Xtratuf Women’s Boots line. Just like our line of Xtratuf boots for men, the Xtratuf deck boots and shoes for women are tough and hardworking, plus they’re fashionable – much like the women themselves. Yet unlike the men’s footwear, Xtratuf women’s boots are designed specifically for a woman’s foot, for that perfect fit.

Put a pair to work for you and feel the difference. And with these fun designs, you’ll see the difference, too!