Mechanical Steering

When it comes time to upgrading your boat's steering system, we have you covered with top-quality boat steering cables and systems from rack and pinion and rotary, to no-feedback systems. Plus, we have all the parts you need for repairs and replacements. We carry top name brands from Dometic SeaStar Solutions (Sierra - formerly Teleflex / Morse) as well as Uflex. Don't compromise on performance - choose the best for your boat.

Rotary cable steering systems are celebrated for their simplicity, durability, and ease of maintenance. Designed to effortlessly transmit steering motions from the helm to the outboard engine or rudder, these systems ensure smooth and precise control, even in the most challenging conditions.
With an upgraded NFB steering system on your boat. You will not be fighting the steering any longer. There is a clutch built into the steering helm that will fight the prop torque.
Marine engine Tie Bars will tie two or more outboard engines together in order to utilize the boats main helm wheel. Tie Bars are also a way to use a kicker engine with your current steering system.