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Samson AmSteel-Blue Rope
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Kodiak Purseline Rope
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Rope Splicing Pushers by Samson
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Samson AmSteel Line, Rope
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Samson Black Accessory Cord
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Samson Rope, Pro-Set Anchor Line
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Samson Rope, Flexcore, Leadline
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Samson Rope, Herring Gillnet Cork Line
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Samson Rope Kodiak Purse Line
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Samson Rope Quantum-12
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Samson Rope, Rivermaster Leadline
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Why Buy Samson® Rope?


The Samson® rope company originally started as the J.P Tolman Company and has grown and changed into the dynamic company that is one of the leaders in the field of rope production together with an impressive portfolio of rope technologies. The company history, the products it has invented and where the Samson® line is used, makes interesting reading for anyone that is in the least interested in the science and physics of rope manufacture.


Samson's AmSteel® Blue Rope


According to the Samson® website (samsonrope.com). Samson® developed the flagship brand AmSteel®-Blue in 1996 and leveraging 100% the benefits of Dyneema® brand HMPE. It is still the most trusted synthetic rope brand on the market. AmSteel®-Blue is a high-performance 12-strand single braid of 100% Dyneema® fiber. AmSteel®-Blue yields a maximum strength-to-weight ratio with very low stretch and is stronger than the same sized wire rope but lighter. AmSteel®-Blue, also has superior flex fatigue, wear resistance and is Samthane ® coated, which enhances the fiber's already high abrasion and cut resistant characteristics. AmSteel®-Blue is a great commercial rope recommended for split-drum winch applications. It is not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats if surging or rendering the rope is required. AmSteel®-Blue is not the only Samson product utilizing Dyneema®. Other Samson® Dyneema® ropes are the Control-DPX® and the Eversteel ® X brands.


Samson's Double Braid Nylon


Samson® double braid rope is a firm but flexible nylon cordage with high-tenacity nylon fiber treated with Pro-Gard marine finish, which maximizes wet wear life and strength suitable for applications such as general working lines, dock lines or an anchor line. A general all-purpose line that works well on cleats and H bitts. (Source samsonrope.com)


Samson's Cordage Rope and Line


Alternate rope manufactured by Samson® is the Polyolefin (30-35% higher in strength than the equivalent polypropylene) three strand rope used as dock lines or anchor rode as well as the commercial fishing line, the Samson® Duralon® purse line. Although cordage or line is often manufactured for a specific application although they might be used for other functions other than the original design intent. Rope and line are available in a variety of colors and styles making it ideal for creative expressions with endless uses.


Samson's Dock Rope and Line


A boat owner relies heavily on good solid dock lines because a good deal depends on them. The attributes required of a good dock line is that it must be strong, have a good amount of elasticity, resistant to chafe with sufficient friction to tie off well. Now, not all lines or ropes boast such criteria. Therefore, it is important to use a rope that is manufactured for such an application and not to use just any rope that is laying around or one that finds its way in the mark down section of your local chandlery. Go2Marine stocks, markets, and sells an impressive selection of ropes and lines specifically for dock lines. These are available by the foot or in a premade package with and eye splice provided at one end.


Samson's Commercial Fishing Rope and Line


An industry that relies heavily on all types of rope and a lot of it, is the fishing industry. A line that is unique to this industry is the leaded crab line, the Samson Quik-Splice Polytron Single Braid Line or the Amsteel 2 coated line. There is a lengthy list of specific rope and line that is used in the commercial fishing industry. For the non-fisherman the list of rope and lines used onboard a fishing vessel will make one dizzy but for the industry Its music to their ears.