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Jabsco Pumps

Jabsco invented the flexible impeller pump over 80 years ago, and then went on to becoming a leading manufacturer of marine pumps. The Jabsco pump line includes not only an array of pumps for marine sanitation purposes, but toilets as well. Jabsco even makes marine lighting products.


Choosing a Pump – What to Look For


Of course, the type of pump you’ll be needing will depend on what you need it for. There are five basic types of pump to choose from. Rigid vane – Used for transferring, especially gas and diesel fuels.
  • Flexible impeller – Self-priming, medium pressure and volume. The two impeller materials are neoprene and nitrile.
  • Centrifugal – Best for transferring with hose connections and extracting water from the bilge or shower.
  • Piston – Used for toilets, pressurized water systems, or as a bilge pump.
  • Diaphragm – These high-pressure, yet low-volume pumps are used in the bilge, head, pressurized water, and washing down the deck.

    Types of Jabsco Pumps


    • Jabsco makes a variety of fluid transfer pumps, with the wide range of 1 to 80 gpm.
    • Jabsco Bilge Pumps come in 12 and 124V models and pump between 4 to 20 gpm.
    • Jabsco Freshwater Pumps include the Par Max pump which is designed for vessels requiring a quiet, smooth flow, on-demand pump.
    • The Jabsco Livewell / Baitwell pumps come in 12 or 24V and up to 5 gpm.
    • Jabsco has a 12 or 24V sump pump for all your needs, that will pump 3 to 15 gpm.
    • Jabsco has both manual and electric utility pumps
    • Jabsco’s washdown pumps include both the PAR-Max and HotShot series.


    Jabsco Marine Toilets


    The marine toilet line consists of several models available as either manual or electric, to fit virtually every boat and budget, with the Jabsco manual marine toilet being especially popular. We also carry toilet parts you’ll need for marine toilet repair jobs.


    Jabsco Lighting


    Jabsco also makes marine lighting products, such as halogen floodlights and remote-control searchlights. And in addition to the searchlights and floodlights themselves, we also sell the special marine replacement light bulbs. If it’s repairs you’re needing, we also carry remote searchlight kits, gear and clutch kits, motor kits, and replacement parts.