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Men's Fieldblazer Classic Rain Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
From: $150.00
Apex Mid Zip - Men's Hunting Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
From: $120.00
Women's Classic Chore Mid-Calf Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Men's Wetland Boot, Tan / Bark
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
From: $100.00
Muck Women's Apex Mid Zip Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Muckster II Mid Boot, Navy
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Women's Derby Tall Riding Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Boot Kid's Rugged II Boots
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Boot Men's Chore Mid Boot
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Boot Men's Chore Steel Toe
Mfr: Muck Boot Company
Muck Boot Men's Arctic Sport Tall Boots
Mfr: Muck Boot Company

Muck Boots


The Original Muck Boot Company manufacturers rain boots, hunting boots and snow boots. Muck Boots have a reputation for keeping feet warm and dry hour after hour. Muck Boot's snow and rain boots can withstand extreme cold while being flexible and comfortable. Muck Boot's price range is competitive with other major boot manufacturers and have a one year warranty.


Women's Muck Boots


Go2marine is now selling the Women's Arctic Ice AG Mid-Cut Boot Womens Muck Boot. Like all other Muck Boots, this boot is 100% waterproof, lined with fleece for warmth, features a comfort insole and will protect you from slipping on ice with a good gripping outsole. The classic look of this Muck Woman's Snow Boot complements most any winter ensemble and makes it a great boot to use throughout the winter season. Muck is also well-known around farms and the Women's Chore Boots is a good example of a boot used when working with horses, livestock or out in the garden. Muck specifically made this boot to breathe throughout the day while keeping the foot dry with a triple enforced toe. This boot and the Muck Women's Originals Pull On Mid Boot (a Chelsea styled rain boot) is easy to pull on and off. Muck women's boots have a good reputation for being durable and comfortable.


Muck Boots for Men


Muck men's rain boots are designed especially for hunters and outdoorsmen. The Fieldblazer Classic Men's rain boot sports a fall-like camouflage design with a hi-vis roll down upper as a safety measure. The Muck Men's Wetland Boot is a good insulated Muck Boot for working in cold and muddy conditions. The top of the boot has a binding to keep the cold out, while the inside is lined with neoprene. For high endurance hunting or other outdoor activities the Muck Men's Apex Hunting Boot will keep you protected while climbing over rocky terrain. These 100% waterproof men's Muck boots have a sub-freezing temperature range, are light-weight, and keep your feet dry with a breathable mesh lining.


The Original Muck Boot Company, which is part of Honeywell, and has a solid reputation for rain boots. Muck's sister company, Xtratuf, is also a well known rain boot brand in the fishing and boating industry. If you are looking for an affordable boot that will last you many seasons, try Muck or Xtratuf.