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Good quality boating apparel needs to look sharp, be comfortable and last multiple seasons. What makes boat clothing different from regular clothes? Boating apparel typically is water-proof or water resistant and is constructed of higher quality fabrics than non boat clothes. Top brands for boat clothing include Grundens, Xtratuff, Stearns, and Mustang


Depending on the use e.g. commercial boating versus recreational boating, boat clothing needs vary as well. If you are looking for offshore apparel, look for fully taped seams to keep water out, and for thicker material (even PVC) to keep water from soaking through and if required, for Hi-Visibility colors that are ANSI compliant. Some offshore apparel features reflective tape for extra safety. Layering clothing is also a great idea if boating in colder climates. Start with a base layer and look for moisture wicking fleece or wool. If you need commercial fishing or boating clothing that fits a woman’s body there are specific women's jackets, women's pants and bibs that are tailored for women.


Boating Apparel Features


If you are shopping for boating apparel as a recreational boater, look for clothing that is UV resistant, it might say UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Look for boat clothing that contains some spandex or other flexible material so that you can easily move about the boat. Water sport apparel used in sportfishing or hunting should also be moisture wicking to keep your body dry and if possible include vents under the arms and sides to allow heat to escape. Boating jackets and pants tend to have a higher water-resistent rating than standard raincoats or rain pants.


Rain Boots and boat shoes are also something to be considered when putting together a list of boat clothes to have before setting out on your voyage. For commercial fishing or professional boating look for rain boots that have extra non-skid soles that are 100% waterproof. For recreational fishing, look for the same requirements as commercial boots, but find them as ankle boots or boat shoes that are easier to slip on and off than regular rain boots. New to the market, are women's boating boots and shoes which come in a variety of smart desgins.


Specific Boat Clothing Types


Working out in the marine environment is unlike any other situation. For example, survival suits that are made to be donned quickly during an emergency. Survival suits are made to withstand icy cold water for long periods of time. Another unique type of boat clothes are fish processing clothing that is made generally of PVC and includes bibs, aprons, special gloves and wristers for safe and sanitary working situations. Foul weather gear is clothing that can withstand salty, cold, wet environments with special hats, jackets, boots and bibs to keep the cold out and warmth in. We can't forget life jackets and the many variations of them. Life jackets known as Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs), can be as simple as a fanny pack on your waist to a float coat with built in floatation.


Go2marine / LFS carries boat clothing apparel for every type of boater. Be sure to check the size charts for the boat clothes you are looking for to ensure the proper fit. We even have our own LFS branded apparel. If you can’t find the right water sport apparel or offshore apparel online, give us a call and we can help you with your purchase.