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New Deck-Boss 15-inch Fishing Boots
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Grundens Women's Deck-Boss Ankle Boot
Mfr: Grundens USA, LTD
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Muck Originals Ankle Boot, Women's Rain Boot
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Servus Northerner Women's 15" Boots
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Muck Women's Apex Mid Zip Boot
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Muck Muckster II Mid Boot, Navy
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Muck Women's Derby Tall Riding Boot
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Women's Arctic Sport Mid Boot
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Women's Boating Footwear That Works Hard and Plays Hard


There's nothing quite like heading out on your boat across calm waters in the morning, with the sun just up in the blue sky. The day or weekend ahead promises to be beautiful and warm. Or does it?


You never really know when you're out on the water, despite what the weather reports might say, so it's best to bring along a variety of clothing just in case. The same goes for footwear, and since Go2marine carries a virtual boatload of women's boating footwear, we thought it was time to have a page highlighting our boat shoes for women. But there's a lot more than just women's boat shoes to be had--such as Muck women's boots and Xtratuf women's boots, and more.


Are You Working or Playing?


There are many good choices for both work and play. In the realm of women's fishing boots, Xtratuff makes women's boots for those in the commercial fishing industry as well for women who stick to recreational fishing. In fact, Xtratuf women's boots are conventiently divided into Commercial Grade and Explorer Grade, depending upon your own "fishing toughness" quotient.


Take for instance the commercial grade Salmon Sisters Legacy women's fishing boots. No-nonsense, tall, tough work boots that look as if they're made for the fishing industry...and they are. But turn the tops inside out and roll 'em down, and you'll be treated to scenes of puffins, or mermaids, or octopi, or whales, and more cavorting around that inside liner.


Who says you can't have a sense of fun on the job, even an extra tough job like commercial fishing? Salmon Sisters co-founders, commercial fishers and sisters Emma and Claire say of course you can, and their captivating, fun designs on both the women's boat shoes as well as the Xtratuf women's boots prove it.


Xtratuf's Explorer Grade women's fishing boots are made for the woman who fishes for fun, yet like anyone else ends up getting caught out in nasty weather from time to time. Decks are wet, the rain is blowing sideways, and let's not even talk about the hike from wherever she had to park her vehicle, down to the boat and back again. Xtratuf has your feet covered, too, with even more styles and colors.


While both types of Xtratuf women's boots feature the popular six-inch ankle deck boots, the Explorer Grade Boots also offers this classic in different versions, colors, and material, like the Trolling Pack and the Eco. There are six-inch deck boots that are lace-up, one of which comes in leather, and a pull-on in leather as well. Another, the Ice boot, has a nylon outer material and of course, the Legacy boot is offered as well, in both pull-on and lace-up.


The Salmon Sisters put in an appearance on many of these Xtratuf women's boots as well, but as they say, wait--there's more. It's in the Explorer collection where you'll also find ladies boat shoes such as slip-on deck shoes, sneakers, and sandals. Yes, the ubiquitous Salmon Sisters designs grace a few of these shoes as well, plus another designer: Linda Leary, founder of FisheWear.


A lifelong passionate fly fisher, Linda finally had enough of wearing ill-fitting fly fishing clothing designed for men, and so she did something about it. She began creating functional fishing fashion for women and in 2015, the FisheWear company was hatched. FisheWear is going strong and thankfully, contributes their gorgeous designs to many of the Xtratuf women's boots, women's boat shoes, and even one of their women's sandals.


But Xtratuf isn't the only fish in the sea we carry when it comes to women's boating footwear. We also carry women's fishing boots from Grundens, a huge name in the fishing world, and rightly so, due to their quality products. We have the Grundens Women's Deck-Boss Ankle Boots in seven impressive colors.


Mucking About and Other Outdoor Adventures


We can't even mention popular boots without diving into the muck. Muck women's boots, that is. Muck has a huge fan base among women who love the outdoors, from the fisher to the farmer, the hunter to the hiker, even the gardener and...the snowshoer? Yes, Muck makes clogs loved by gardeners and many others, and their grippy, all-terrain Apex boot is great for cold weather hiking, snowshoeing, or just wearing outside.


In fact, Muck has so many boots to choose from that we can't describe them all here, you'll just have to take a look for yourself! But here are a few appetizers to get you started: There's women's snow boots to keep your feet toasty warm and dry even in sub-zero conditions, like the Arctic Sport II Tall or Mid Boot, and the Arctic Ice Agat Tall or Mid Boot. There are women's rain boots for any time of year, like the classic Original Pull-On Mid-Boot and the Ankle Rain Boot, which comes in eight awesome colors. 


For chores around the farm or garden, or any outdoor activity that places your feet in the muck, we have Muck's iconic Chore Boot, built especially for women's feet. With an adjustable gusset for the perfect fit, this mid boot is perfect for wider calves. Waterproof and triple-reinforced in the toe, quadruple reinforced in the heel, they have built-in Airmesh™ lining to keep you ventilated all day.


These oil-resistant and shock absorbent boots give you the comfort and toughness you need to tackle any job. They're available in all Black, or in Brown with adorable hens gracing the top half of the boot (hens on brown only).


But I Want Something a Bit Classier!


Not into barnyards and hens? We get it, not everyone is. Muck boots has thought of that, too, and has designed plenty of boots in cute styles that will still keep your feet warm and dry, away from the muck. Like the Muckster II Mid Boots which look great as-is, or you can roll them down and make them into ankle boots.


The Muck Originals Duck Lace Boots are 100% waterproof, come in four different two-toned colors, boast leather uppers and a tailored fit. Easy on/off design and great traction, plus, they look so cute with jeans or leggings! And believe it or not, you'll even find a pair of classy-looking English riding boots here, built by Muck. Tuck your tight jeans or leggings into these babies and look like a dressage rider on those soggy days, even if you don't ride.


Meanwhile, Back on the Boat and Beach


It can't snow, rain, and stay muddy forever though. Eventually the sun must come out, while beaches and boats beckon. And when the sun comes out, so do the cute women's boat shoes! By "boat shoes" we mean any type of shoe that is good for wearing on a boat (hint: not stilettoes). That looks good, of course.


As with the boots, our offerings from Xtratuf include shoes with the wonderful designs from both Salmon Sisters and FisheWear. Check out the FisheWear leather and canvas deck shoes with prints like the Smoke Blue/Dooly Vee, and the Gray/Groovy Grayling. Or the Salmon Sisters designs like the Octopus and the Sand Dollar prints, also leather and canvas. 


Of course, there are deck shoes available in canvas only, and if you're looking for something different to wear into the water without worrying about damage (to your feet or the shoe), try the Xtratuf Riptide shoes. And check out the Xtratuf Women's Sharkbyte Sustainable Deck Shoe, made from 100% regenerated nylon fiber from fishnets and other nylon waste. The Sharkbyte deck shoe is lightweight and designed to be versatile enough to wear on and off the boat.


But don't worry, we haven't forgotten those beloved favorites, sneakers and sandals. If you're looking for a waterproof sneaker, try the Outscape. The Outscape is a classic sneaker design but is 100% waterproof, making it ideal not just for boating or beachcombing, but any warm weather activity where your feet might get wet. The Outscape Low is much like its sister, only is a slip-on with no laces, and comes in three colors, while the Outscape comes in two.


There's even an "Alaska sneaker" to be found--the Xtratuf Kiata Women's Lace Sneaker. The upper is an innovative 100% waterproof 3D knit, made from a single yarn to provide a seamless design which flows over the curves of your foot with ease. After years of prototyping a high-performance sneaker in the ultimate proving grounds of Alaska, Xtratuf finally reached their goal of developing a true "do it all" sneaker.


But let's not forget the women's sandals, like the new Après Fish, a one-piece, lightweight slide built from an innovative eco-conscious material. Not your everyday slide, the Après is non-marking, has an SRC rated slip-resistant outsole, and grips the deck or floor nicely for sure footing. Someday, when it's time for them to go the great shoe graveyard, you'll need not worry because they have a Green Leaf certificate verifying that they will properly biodegrade in bioreactor landfills.


If a flip-flop sandal is more your style, you're sure to love the Auna sandal. With an abrasion resistant forefoot strap and its innovative TUFgrp outsole, Auna provides comfort and traction on flat and hard surfaces as well as wet and uneven terrain like no ordinary flip-flop. If they're called flip-flops at all, perhaps they should be called extraordinary flip-flops.


From women's boat shoes to mud and snow boots, to commercial and recreational fishing boots, and all the way to the other end of the spectrum to the pretty sandal and more, Go2marine has women's boating footwear for just about anyone. Come shopping and see!