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2019-10-02 by Matthew
“G2M had all the products i needed and had the best pricing across all the products i needed.y”
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2018-09-20 by Greg M.
“The securely -packed stainless steel flue pipes and wind cap all arrived promptly and in pristine condition. Superb quality. I'm ~totally~ pleased with your excellent products and diligent service. : ) Thanks, Greg”
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2018-09-26 by Kris
“Price was great. Fast delivery.”
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2019-10-09 by John K. (United States)
“Wish the products today were quality offerings as they were in the past. This is not Go2Marine's fault, just the way things are.. The product I ordered was made from aluminum in the past and now plastic. Recycled milk jugs.... Thank you for your service. Delivery was great.”
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2019-10-09 by Kelly W. (United States)
“I looked at several different web sites to find this part, most said they were special order and wanted 3x's the money for it. You have it ready to ship and just my luck it is on sale!! this was quick and easy thank you”
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2019-10-06 by Pat B. (United States)
“The order, which was small parts, was shipped in two separate boxes which increased freight costs. Product was well packed and in perfect condition when it arrived.”
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2019-10-05 by Wayne (United States)
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2019-10-05 by Jerry M (United States)
“Love the competitive pricing! I shop the best prices and enjoy go2marines low prices, and great selection of needed products.”
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2019-10-13 by Michael W (United States)
“Easy shoping. Great product. Fast delivery.”
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2019-10-04 by Garnett A (United States)
“Quality items at a fair price..”
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2019-10-04 by Glenn P. (United States)
“Customer service was very quick to reply to a question”
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2019-10-04 by Dan S. (United States)
“Great place to deal with.”
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2019-10-03 by John W (United States)
“Easy and search function is very good for what I was looking-for.”