Rain Wear, Foul Weather Gear, Boots & Outerwear

Boating is a water sport but when you want to stay warm and dry we have the jackets, shirts, pants and gear you need.

Rain Coats and Jackets for Recreational, Industrial or Commercial use.
Rain Pants, Bibs and Trousers
Boots and shoes for any use, fishing, hunting, sailing, working, boating and industrial
We carry life vests, jackets, life rings float coats and storage solutions & more.
Everything needed to stay warm and dry working outside.
Rescue equipment for Search & Rescue Professionals, Military and Industrial use
Men's, Women's Foul Weather Gear,Kids Jackets Pants Boots, base layer, caps and hats
Tops, Pants, Jackets, Footwear and more!
Shop from a huge selection of Hunting and Fishing apparel
Pull over and zip front sweatshirts.
Sportswear Shirts for boater's, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy onboard or off.
Children's jackets, pants, boots and hats
LFS Marine Outdoor sportswear is designed and styled for active lifestyles but well suited for time spent relaxing indoors.
Sunglasses, long underwear, gloves and more.