Marine Rope, Lines and Cordage for Boating/Sailing

Discover the ultimate collection of marine ropes and lines tailored for every nautical need! Our selection spans from Anchor, Fishing, and Corkline to Crab, Purse, and Tow. Trust in LFS / Go2marine to keep you securely anchored in all your boating and sailing adventures!

Anchor/Dock rope and line. LFS/Go2marine have a wide variety of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene.
Commercial Ropes and Line hold up to the extreme condition needs of commercial fishermen
Polyester and Nylon Cordage, Rope and Line for every application
Corklines and Weedlines. Our commercial fishing specialists are ready to help get you the right corkline and weedline.
Excellent retrieval crab traps, will not rot, and resists marine growth.
Leadline is durable, resistant to abrasion, and rot proof! LFS/Go2marine has a wide variety of leadline for your application.
Longlines & Gangions from LFS/Go2marine boat parts and products.
Purse Lines for your seining operation
Running Rigging from Continental Western, New England Ropes, Samson, Sea-Dog Line, West Coast Wire Rope & Rigging
Seine Corklines for commercial and recreational fishermen come in soft and firm lay and we carry sizes to fill your seining needs.
Tow Ropes are the link between the joy of water skis, wakeboards and towables and your boat.
Twine on your commercial boat or pleasure craft fills many uses. From mending nets and crab pots to tying down an annoying rattle.