Waste, Water, Exhaust, Fuel, Air, and Bilge Hoses

The right hose is crucial for any application! We have a great selection of hose for every need!

Waste Hose by American Specialty, Shields Marine Hose, Teknor Apex and others
Water Hose by American Specialty, Heater Craft, Kuriyama, Marine Products International and more
Hose Accessories by AWAB, Buck Algonquin, Camco Manufacturing, Dixon Valve & Coupling at LFS/Go2marine
The right exhaust hose and bellows for your boat lets your engine breathe easy and is free from push back that steals performance.
Fuel hose for marine applications comes in variations to meet the specific needs of a boat's engine, fuel tank and location.
Bilge pump and live well hose in all sizes & lengths by Trident and Shields.
Bilge & Blower Ventilation Ducting Hose and adapters to get the air flow successfully where you need it to go.