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363 Products

Perko - A Family Owned USA Business since 1907


Perko takes pride in their ability to handle all aspects of plastics injection molding and assembly. From designing and creating their own tools and dies to using only locally sourced materials, their commitment to "made in the USA" is unmatched.


Take, for example, their 1092 lift latch, a product they invented two decades ago. Every plastic part is molded in-house using high-quality resins produced right there in the USA. They machine the studs themselves, die cast the handle and cambar in their own foundry, and even injection mold the gaskets in-house. Their dedication extends to packaging as well, with both consumer display versions and shipping boxes proudly made in the USA.


The result? Consistently reliable, albeit slightly pricier, latches. While cheaper knockoffs from China may tempt customers, choosing Perko's products not only supports American workers but also keeps dollars within the great nation.


At Perko, they stand by their principles, which is why they don't produce many cast stainless parts domestically. The challenges of working with stainless steel, combined with higher production costs in the USA, make them an expensive endeavor. However, they do offer stamped and machined stainless parts like their fuel caps, which are easier to work with.


They understand the importance of maintaining a strong manufacturing capability and employment opportunities in the USA. Their focus will always be to produce as much as they can domestically, even if they can't compete on price alone with China. This means their product line will continually evolve as they adapt to market demands and develop new innovations.


Choose Perko for injection molding that supports American jobs and ensures national security. Rest assured, they'll always be proud to say: Perko - Always Made in the USA.