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Buy bimini tops & shades for Pontoon, T-Top, Ski & Wakeboard Tower boats by Westland & Taylor Made Products

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From: $74.86
Bimini Top Fabric (only) for Taylor Made BoaTops - No Frame
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
From: $761.04
Bimini Top, Boat Top for Pontoon Boats w/ Square Tube
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
From: $405.65
Taylor Made Tower Bimini Tops
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
From: $375.32
Taylor Made Correct Craft Extended Pylon Bimini Top
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
From: $362.01
Taylor Made Malibu Extended Pylon Bimini Top
Mfr: Taylor Made Products


How to Measure for a Bimini Top - 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Select your BIMINI HEIGHT

    1. Start with the Total Desired Height: Measure from the centerline floor of the boat to determine how much headroom you want for the bimini.
    2. Mounting Point: Decide where you will mount your bimini top.
    3. Floor to Mounting Point Height: Measure the vertical distance from the centerline floor to the mounting point on the sides of the boat.
    4. Determine Bimini Height: Subtract the Floor to Mounting Point Height measurement from your Total Desired Height. This is the height that you want to use when selecting your bimini.


  2. Select your BIMINI WIDTH

    1. Measure the distance from the selected bimini mounting point on one side of your boat to the same location on the other side of your boat (this usually is not the same as the beam or width of the boat).
    2. Select the appropriate bimini width range that includes your width measurement.


  3. Select your BIMINI LENGTH

    1. Decide how much area you wish to shade on your boat.
    2. Select from the available bimini lengths.


Selecting the Right Bimini Top


Contact us if you need assistance in selecting the correct sized bimini top. We can often look up what aftermarket bimini top is recommended for your boat's make and model. We offer bimini tops that come complete with the frame and fabric as well as replacment fabric and frames. If you are looking for a replacement bimini top or bimini top frame, you will want to make sure that you select the same manufacturer for that frame or fabric that is on your boat (Westland / Taylor Made etc). Otherwise, the fabric or frame may not fit. The same rule applies to replacement bimini top boots (storage bags). If the bimini top is an OEM, contact your boat's manufacturer to see if Taylor Made, Westland, Carver or Great Lakes Boat Top made the bimini top for your boat.


Sunbrella is typically the best in class fabric, next is Ultima / Sharskin Supreme, then Hot Shot or Sharksin.