Cleaning Products for Boats

Boat and Bilge soaps will get the job done without damage to you, your boat, or the environment.
Restore your boat to nearly new with fiberglass waxes and paste
Polishing Pads by 3M, MPS Products and others
Rubbing Compounds by 3M, Evercoat, Star brite and others
Metal Polishes and Waxes by 3M, Garelick, MET-All Industries, Permatex
Glass and Plastic Treatment by Meguiar's, Mer-Maids, No Touch, Unelko Corporation and others at LFS/Go2marine
Boat cleaning tasks call for specialty marine cleaning tools or at least tools that will stand up to the task of cleaning your boat
Hand Care and Cleaners by 3M, Associated Chemists, Evercoat, Loctite, Permatex, System Three
LFS carries boat cleaning systems including Winspray with a complete line of Marine Parts and Products
Oil Spill cartridges and oil spill kits.
Marine fabrics are designed for use on boats in wet environments but can use the help fabric cleaners and protectors provide.
Armed with Degreasers, boaters can combat the mess and get boat parts and equipment clean so they work better and last longer.
Even clean boats can have a "unique" odor. Whiff Wizard's charcoal infused gel erases "boat smell" & more!

3 Products

303 Speed Detailer, 32 oz. Spray
SKU: 563126
Mfr: 303 Products, Inc. U.S.
Mfg# 30205
LFS# TOT30205
303 Multi-Surface Cleaner, 32 oz.
SKU: 494034
Mfr: 303 Products, Inc. U.S.
Mfg# 30204
LFS# TOT30204
303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner, 32 oz.
SKU: 563127
Mfr: 303 Products, Inc. U.S.
Mfg# 30215
LFS# TOT30215