Life Jackets, Life Vests, & PFDs

For paddling, sailing, rowing, riding or floating, we are able to accommodate most people with their chosen activity.
For a compact, comfortable PFD, our Inflatable Life Vests are hard to beat, whether you are out sailing, power boating or fishing.
Life Jackets, Life Vests, PFDs or Float Coats for any commercial / industrial operations.
For those colder days or when the wind is up and you still want to be safe.
Children's Life Jackets are sized according to weight range and chest size.
Vessel over 16’, you must have a Type IV throwable device, options include life rings, horseshoe collars, flotation cushions, throw bags and more.
Dog Life Jackets provide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe in or around the water.
Keep your life jackets dry, clean and within reach.