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We don’t just stock Scotty downriggers and accessories… we repair and service them! Other sport fishing gear available at Go2marine / LFS Marine & Outdoor includes Pro-Troll black boxes, Bradley smokers and chips, Rod holders and mounts, and Do-It lead downrigger molds. We carry rods and reels by Daiwa, Islander, Okuma, Penn, and Shimano. Our large saltwater sport fishing tackle section includes Big Shooter and Pro-Troll flashers, Gamakatsu and Matzuo hooks, Brad's Super Bait Cut Plugs, and Yamashita and Silver Horde hoochies. We also carry Silver Horde Coho Killer and Kingfisher spoons as well as Luhr-Jensen coyote spoons.

Recreational Shrimping and Crabbing can add another element to your boating life or it may be the whole reason you own a boat.
Get to the fish with Downriggers and Outriggers that go deep and far to and put your tackle where the fish are.
Fishing Rod Holders let boaters safely store their rods at the ready while keeping them out from underfoot.
Fish cleaning Fillet Tables give boaters a better place to clean fish - outside the galley.
Tackle from LFS/Go2marine
Molds for Fishing Lures
Tools for Sport Fishing from LFS/Go2marine
Tackle Boxes
Landing Nets
Fish Cleaning Knives help fishermen gut, clean and fillet or steak their catch.
Bradley Smokers and Accessories


Best Deals on Fishing Gear


It was once said that sport fishing is the only sport hunting where one can let the trophy go after it was bagged. The thrill of the catch and the adrenalin of the hauling it in is the addiction the fishing industry relies on to produce all the wonderful gear and supplies we as fishermen and women need, want and must have.


No matter what type of sport fishing one prefers there is ample fishing gear to help us achieve the catch of a lifetime. Weather or even the seasons do not hamper this fun sport and there are plenty who can’t wait for the chill to set in and freeze the world over for the opportunity enjoy a good few hours of ice fishing.


Come summer, fall winter or spring there are people to be found thigh high in waders luring in that cunning trout with the fanciest of lures. Trout fishing like all sport fishing is serious business with specialized equipment and the fashion to go with it. Salt water fishing is a joy like no other. Whether it’s from a boat or casting from the shore the reward is so worth the effort.


The oceans afford the sport fisherman a huge choice of catch, a favorite is to crab or shrimp. Crabbing or shrimping is a blast for all ages and the gear is not complicated and is fairly affordable. This can be done from the shore, a pier or better yet a boat.


The Best Fishing Rods


The fishing gear that is required varies from location and the type of fishing considered. The most common type of fishing involves a fishing pole a fishing reel, fishing line, hooks and bait. Fishing poles are manufactured in all shapes, sizes and flavors from manufacturers such as ‘Lamiglass®’. Typically, thin flimsy rods are for fly-fishing, slightly heavier and longer rods are for casting and the short stocky rods are for boat fishing.


Casting Rods


The rod eyes are also specific to the type of reel attached to the rod, the type of line used and the weight of the gear. When battling a fish, the eye or line guide position of casting rods is upwards when the fishing rod is bent over. Berkley makes an ultra light casting rod, that is moderately priced and receives high rankings.


Trolling Rods


A trolling fishing rod is designed and used to fish when the line is dragged behind a moving boat. Trolling or Trawling swims your bait or lure through the water at a specific depth to attract or target certain types of predatory fish, such as tuna or salmon. You can depend on Shimano trolling rods to be capable of dealing with the sudden weight of a big fish against the speed or movement of a boat. Trolling rods tend to be medium weight, medium-heavy, or heavyweight.


Fishing Reels


Fishing reels like a fine watch are machined for seemless operation and can reflect that in the price. Having a smooth operating fishing reel when one is reeling a fish in from the depth is definitely worth the effort. ‘Shimano®’ are well known in the bicycle industry as well as the sport fishing arena. The Tekota A 500 Reel by Shimano is an excellent level wind choice. For a less expensive reel that still boast high quality and ease, try the Pflueger Supreme 35 Spinning Reel for freshwater fishing.


Their fine lineup of fishing reels caters to every style of fishing and to the budget of every fisherman. Fishing reals with electric motors are becoming ever more popular and are appreciated when fishing at great depths.


Level Wind Fishing Reels

Level wind fishing reels wind the line on to the spool evenly without building up in one spot, which can stop the reel from spinning. Without a level wind, the angler must guide the line back and forth with their thumb. Okuma level wind fishing reels


The Best Downriggers


Downriggers are designed for trolling. Downriggers can be used to catch freshwater and saltwater fish with the most popular species include lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, kingfish, chinook, coho, walleye, and striped bass. For the fisherman who intends to trawl at depth fitting the boat with easy to use downriggers makes the fishing experience so much more pleasant.


Downriggers are available in a manual configuration or electric driven from manufacturers such as ‘Scotty, Inc. ®’.Our most popular downrigger is the Scotty Depthpower 1106B which boasts an easy hands-free, quiet operation.


Fishing Tackle


The fisherman can never have enough tackle. Those shiny lures or the different sizes of hooks are and essential parts of fishing because what worked yesterday does for some reason not always work the following day. Therefore, switching between lures or bait is an integral part of the fishing experience and possibly the ultimate lure beside the actual catch.


Essential Fishing Supplies


An important part of the fishing arsenal is a good sharp fish cleaning knife. Knives are used for cutting line, preparing bait and for filleting the prize. It is rare that one knife fits the bill for all these tasks so a few knives are always welcome in a fisherman’s tackle box.



A good solid landing net is a must when one is required to release the catch after inspection. A net also makes it easer to bring the catch aboard when it is right up against the boat.



A compartmentalized tackle box or see through trays are a handy method to help store and keep the tackle organized. Organizers also protect the tackle from the elements and keep the sharp hooks safely away from a distracted fisher.