Why Lamiglas Fishing Poles are the #1 Choice for Fisherman


When talking fishing poles, the brand Lamiglass is synonymous as water is to life. A domestic company that produces some of the best performing and innovative fishing rods in the industry. Not only are Lamiglas fishing rods popular within the fishing community they are also reputedly innovative in the manufacturing of fiberglass designs.


Lamiglas evolved into the premier rod & blank company, offering technique-specific fishing rods. Innovating in graphite, fiberglass, and composite designs, Lamiglas has always kept at the forefront of the industry through rapid responsive development work.


Many of the top brands that compete in the industry have their roots at Lamiglas. With ultra-durable yet highly fishable saltwater options, Lamiglas has a strong foothold in both offshore and inshore rod design. The Lamiglas surf rod lineup is legendary, from the #1 Northeast Surf Blank the "GSB" to the built factory sticks, Lamiglas Surf is here to stay.


Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Rods


Salmon & steelhead rods such as the Lamiglas x11 fishing rod, and the Lamiglas Redline are a first language to Lamiglas. With everything from ultra-sensitive finesse rods to powerful boat rods for trolling, the lineup is ultimately matched.


One cast with an SI Series Fishing Rod, and you will see why this rod is championed as one of the best steelhead rods on the market. The SI Series fishing rod is super lightweight and sensitive, perfectly balanced, yet surprisingly powerful. Lamiglass has carefully handcrafted and finished with only the highest quality components: a Fuji SK2 reel seat, smoke Titanium guides, and a custom-made carbon fiber handle that is incredibly comfortable in your hand.


The Lamiglass Closer Centerpin Series Rod designed by Roger Hinchcliff from the Great Lakes, who also fishes the West Coast, this series will accommodate steelhead and salmon fisheries everywhere.


These sticks start with a graphite composite blank, which features a fiberglass layer in the butt section for exceptional balance and power. The guides are over-sized recoils on the top for less icing issues, with durable and sleek ceramics on the bottom section. There are ‘float-depth’ indicators along the spine of the rod, to quickly calculate depth by hooking into the hook-keeper.


The reel seat and sliding ring models are optimized for all types of reels and are perfectly positioned on the custom proprietary CFX Carbon-Weave Handles. The handle ‘warms’ to the touch and grips phenomenally, even in cold/wet weather.


Saltwater Fishing Rods for Halibut, Calico, Bass, Tuna & More


If you are looking for dependability when deep sea-fishing, Lamiglass offers at a competitive price the Lamiglas Insane Saltwater Rod. An extremely durable yet comfortable to fish. Offshore style “X Flock” handles, quality components, and an attractive look. This is a very durable rod for offshore fishing. This rod has loads of power for saltwater fishing and its strength and durability will not let you down when offshore.


Fly anglers fishing for everything from Trout to Tarpon have options, while the rest of the lineup can outfit the most demanding of anglers. With the vast selection of fishing rods Lamiglass offers it is not difficult to find a Lamiglass rod that will be a perfect fit for the fishing task and all Lamiglass fishing poles are covered by the Lemiglass limited lifetime warranty.


It is difficult to argue that a Lamiglas rod is non other than a great fishing rod but for the rod to do it’s job as designed it needs to get dressed up with some of the finest accessories available such as a top quality fishing reel, some line and a lure or two.


Before you head out on your next fishing adventure, be sure to stock up on fishing gear such as hooks, flashers, spoons and every other conceivable fishing must have including the tackle box.