Boat Cabin Lighting

Find quality brands like Aqua Signal, Hella Marine, Imtra, Den Haan, Perko, Sea-Dog, Lumitech Lighting, and more. Whether you're searching for historic brass lamps or LED lights, we have all the marine lighting supplies you need to light your boat.

Dome Lights from polished brass and stainless steel, these lamps are an excellent fixture for both day and night.
Boats are full of small spaces to light including stairs, walkways, cabins, cockpits, compartments and more.
The walls that separate the rooms of the ship have a variety of lighting needs. Surface mount lights are the top choice for bulkhead lighting.
Enhance your boat's atmosphere with LED rope lights. Your imagination is your only limitation.
Nautical lamps support a variety of uses and are powered by electricity, oil, or kerosene. Either decorating cabin or home, they're great for power-free situations.
Utility and Engine Room Marine Lights
Fluorescent lights provide bright light with low amp draw and are a great long-term and low maintenance lighting choice.


Selecting the Right Interior Cabin Lights for your Boat


Gone are the days when we used the naked flame to light up the interior of the cabin or have they? There is something comforting from having a flame as a means to light up the interior of the cabin and with the traditional oil lanterns still available makes this feature still an option. For the skipper wanting the convenience of modern electric lighting rather than the classic boat cabin lights the choices and styles are plentiful.


Boat Cabin Dome Lights


The dome is an overhead type of light fixture that is commonly used for boat interior cabin lights. This type of boat cabin lighting is designed to provide bright light in a wide angle apposed to a concentrated beam. Dome boat cabin lights are available in different shapes and configurations such as round, rectangular, or square and with different mounting requirements. There are typically two main mounting options, either mounted to a surface or recessed into the overhead.


Other options for dome lighting include the type of luminescence and the switching. Dome lights luminescence can either be a filament bulb or bulbs, florescent tube or tubes and LEDs with typical luminescent color options being white or red. There are also dome light units providing the option of a white and red that is selectable with switch. Turning dome lighting on and off is dependent on the units and some dome lights are turned on and off at the unit whilst others require a separate switch on the wall or in a console. .


Lighting uses a lot of power on a boat but with the introduction of led cabin lights for boats, this has changed. LED lighting uses less power that alternative lighting option making them ideal for wireless installations. Wireless lighting has a built-in battery compartment, is self-contained, easy to install, and has become a practical application in boat lighting.


Courtesy Lights for Boats


Courtesy lights are typically low light, small light fixtures available in different styles, configurations, and require remote switching. Color emitting options are plentiful especially with the introduction of multicolored LEDs that provide the full RGB color spectrum. .

Marine Bulkhead Lights


A bulkhead light is intended to be mounted on a vertical surface. Nautical bulkhead lights illumination output is usually low and the light fixtures are small and decorative. A bulkhead light fixture alone would not be suitable to eliminate a sizable cabin interior.


Boat Rope Lights


Modern LED rope lights are so versatile that they are used for many purposes from decorating the exterior of the vessel to providing ambiance to the interior cabin. Rope lights does not require a fixture and are installed with clips, in any orientation, and are also available in a single color rope light or a rope light that changes colors.


Traditional Nautical Lamps


Comforting warm traditional oil nautical lamps are still available together with good aftermarket parts support. This type of lighting is still popular and surprisingly practical in that it does not require power and is installed and functioning in minutes.


Interior cabin reading lights


Interior lights and bulkhead reading lights are very similar in appearance and function. The difference being a reading light is adjustable allowing the user to focus the light in a desired location and illuminating the task at hand.

Utility/Engine Room Lights


Lighting for machinery spaces, engine rooms, and utility spaces might have specific regulatory requirements that must be verified prior to installing any light fixates. Engine room lights are often vapor proof or splash proof to eliminate a fire or electrocution source. These types of light fixtures are also available as outdoor bulkhead lights where vapor integrity is required.


Fluorescent Lights


Florescent lighting is a bright light source that requires electrical circuitry to operate. There are multiple vendors that manufacture this type of lighting but not all are suitable for the marine environment. The marine environment will destroy electrical circuitry that is not marinized and non-marine fixtures could also produce noise that will interfere with the electrical navigation equipment on board. Therefore it is always important to purchase light fixture specifically manufactured for the marine environment and from reputable marine manufacturers such as Scandvik®, Perko®, Sea-dog®, and DenHann®.


Therefore, if interior boat cabin lighting is the task at hand, rest assured Go2Marine has the items you need, in stock, ready to ship at prices that won’t break the budget, and good luck with safely installing the interior cabin lighting.