Boat Fenders & Buoys

Finding the right Boat Fenders, Buoys and accessories makes life on board easier. Fenders & Buoys come in many sizes and styles. The right size makes things easier to handle with great protection. The wrong size can be harder to handle and not offer the protection your boat deserves.

Buoy and Fender accessories make your life on board a little easier
Buffer and be scuff freee with these fenders by Bao Long, Polyform, Taylor Made
All shapes and sizes for any mooring application from LFS/Go2marine
Communicate critical information with regulatory buoys from LFS/Go2marine
Prevent damage to your boat with a great selection of fenders from LFS/Go2marine
Safely navigation the waters with water ski & PWC marker buoys available at LFS/Go2marine

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Marker Buoy, Regulatory, Sur-Mark II White, Labels Sold Seperately
SKU: 95529
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
Mfg# 46103
LFS# TAY46103

If your boat is up against the dock or another vessel without having boat bumpers in place, damage can result on the trim, railings, paint or even your hull. Top brands like Polyform and Jim Buoy make cost effective and long-lasting boat bumpers, boat fenders and buoys. Having the correct size and shape boat fenders is important to keep your boat from being damaged while dockside.


Boat buoys can be a good all-around choice as they can be cross-purposed for use as a boat bumper, or marking your anchor, mooring line, or fishing gear. Most boat buoys are inflatable which makes them easier to deflate for offseason storage. Boat fenders and boat bumpers come in either rigid or inflatable varieties and each has their merit. Inflatable fenders offer the same storage convenience as the buoys and allow you to customize the firmness. Rigid fenders are going to provide stiffer compression less of a spring or bouncing effect. For larger vessels like tugs, ships and mega yacht's we carry larger fenders. Water ski bouy mark out your slalom course and are designed not to harm boats or skiers when struck accidentally. Regulatory buoys are the waterway's traffic signals with different shapes and labels to quickly convey to boaters where to navigate. For anchoring your boat off-shore we offer a wide selection mooring bouys and the associated anchoring hardware.


Our selection of fenders, bumpers and buoys for sale allows you to select the perfect style, size, shape, and color for your unique needs. You can also find fender racks for storage, the correct marine rope for attaching your buoys and fenders and all the accessories you need to keep your boat safe from going bump in the night.