Marine Boat Heaters

Marine heaters can be put to work warming any small space from tiny homes to mining tents. Select from diesel, propane (LPG), electric or solid fuel to best suit your heating needs. Boat and Marine Heaters warm your boat to keep you cozy and protect your boat from damage caused by freezing temperatures. Stay on the water all year round with a well heated cabin!

Cold winters? No problems with these propane boat heaters. Go2marine has a great variety!
No worries about spilled fuel or toxic fumes. Enjoy the warmth a solid fuel heater offers on your boat soon.
Cold winter days are no problem for these Electric available at LFS.
Diesel Boat Heaters and Stoves are very popular with boaters! Go2marine has a great variety!
Efficiently use the waste water heat produced by a water cooled engine, or a hot water system, to generate air heat
Replacement boat heater parts available from LFS Go2marine
Stove Pipes & Deck Fittings for Dickinson stoves and others.

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Dometic Proheat X30 Auxiliary Heater
SKU: 563125
Mfr: Dometic
Mfg# MH0310