Boat Rub Rails, Mouldings & Trim

Update the rub rails on your boat for a fresh look and added protection! For information about replacement rub rails refer to Taco Marine's rub rail selection guide (pdf).

Your boat’s rub rail will more than likely need to be replaced at some point. An attractive boat rub rail also makes a nice accent to the gunwale of your boat as well as making sure you are best protected from damage when you are docking your boat. There are three types of rub rail, coiled, semi-rigid and rigid rub rail. In addition to rub rail, the end pieces (rub rail end caps) and joints need to be taken into consideration when refurbishing marine rub rail. Rub rails are often sold in two pieces, the insert for the track and the track that mounts to the side of the boat. Boat rail can be finished in either black or white PVC or have a metal finish.


Many customers are often trying to do an exact replacement of their rub rail by looking for the rub rail that was made specifically for their boat’s make, model and year. Unfortunately, that information is hard to come by and the best way to figure out which rub rail will fit your boat is to take a portion of it off and measure the height and length of the insert and track. Also look at the profile and match that profile to the profile of the replacement rub rail image on our website. You can also start new and use the current measurements as a guideline.


Coiled rub rail sold in a kit is most likely the easiest way to replace your current boat rails. There are a few choices of semi-rigid and flexible rub rail on the market sold in a kit. The latest development is a rub rail kit that has a chrome finish. The plus side of the kit is that it is much less expensive and easy to apply. If you need more heavy duty marine rub rail, there are choices of semi-rigid and rigid rub rail. Any rub rail with a length greater than 7 feet will need to be shipped LTL. Give us a call if you need help with choosing the right rub rail.