Marine Deck Hardware

From handrails, step-plates, cleats, chocks, steering products, rod holders, hatches, deck pipes, hawse pipes, antenna mounts and hose deck fills. We carry a full line of Deck Hardware.

Diesel, Water & Waste Deck Fills, Spare Parts and Replacement Caps.
Dock cleats ensure your vessel will not leave you high and dry!
Chocks and Hawse Pipes by ABI, Baywood, Buck Algonquin, Marine Hardware, Sea-Dog
Sturdy and pretty, these steps and plates are perfect for your boat
Easy to use, inexpensive yet dependable jam cleats
Sailing Hardware Eyes and Fairleads available from LFS Go2marine for all sailboat needs.
Stanchions, Rails & Netting available from LFS Go2marine for all sailboat needs.
Scupper so that water falling on deck may flow overboard.
No one wants to slip on a boat! Safety mats and paint are essential on a boat

Marine deck fittings do everything from secure your boat to the dock like cleats and bollards, to securing your sails with cam cleats for every size line, to providing drainage and ventilation. Marine hardware is specifically manufactured from materials designed to weather the elements and stand up to heavy use. Boat deck hardware is hard working equipment, but if you want beauty and brawn you can have it with polished brass, aluminum, and quality stainless steel deck fittings.


Deck fittings like cleats and chocks come in all sizes and materials, they can be open based or closed, pop-ups to stow flush with the deck, bolt on or welded on. Boat deck hardware like chocks and hawse pipes protect your running gear and dock lines from chafing and keep your paint job scratch free. Deck hardware also includes dock steps and plates. Scuppers allow the water on deck and in your cockpit to pour overboard. Stainless steel railings and stanchions provide safety and security on deck while beautifying your boat by extending the clean lines you love. Deck fills and deck plates are watertight coverings that create an access hole through the deck or hull of the boat which allow the boat operator to access electronics, or tanks under the deck or hull. Another group of deck hardware products are deck paints and surface materials to help you keep a non-slip surface on the deck of your boat.


We carry a wide variety of boat hardware by top brands including Sea-Dog and Perko. Some marine hardware fittings even cross-over to the non-boating sector such as hand-rails and stainless steel tubing for banisters and the staircases. Deck fittings such as cleats are even used as decorative home elements such as dresser pulls or coat rack hangers. If you need help finding the right deck fittings or marine hardware, please contact us.