Why Refit Your Boat with a Rub Rail Kits


We have all experienced it. A slow and perfectly timed approach to a dock. Suddenly things go a little wrong and BUMP, we hit the dock, piling or pier. Even with the proper fendering or the eager help of the crew trying to fend off it is inevitable that the rub rail will come in use. A boat rub rail is for just that purpose, to sacrificially protect the vessel from damage often serving a double function such as camouflaging a deck to hull joint. Rub rails come in many forms, shapes, and sizes with the most common being a base with either a synthetic or metal protector.


Boat rub rail replacements can become a trying endeavor, especially when attempting to match an existing boat rub rail due to all the different profiles manufactured over time, and with many legacy rub rail profiles not being available. One solution to consider is to replace it with a new rub rail kit.


Depending on the vessel, rub rail replacement can be a straightforward undertaking and with the options offered from rub rail manufacturers such as Taco Metals® and Tessilmare® it can easily be accomplished by a nonprofessional.


Taco® marine rub rails and Tessilmare® rub rails are available in various profiles and flexibility with a design feature of either the boat rub rail insert type, or the rub rail cap type of which both conceal the fasteners providing a super clean look. The rub rail insert type such as the Taco® rub rail can use different types of material for the insert thereby adding additional cosmetic choices.


Key Reasons to Buy a Rub Rail Kit

  1. Everything you need to replace your boat's rub rail is in one kit - end caps, joint caps, insert and base
  2. Economical compared to rigid or semi-rigid rub rail which is costly to ship
  3. Ease of install - rub rail is bendable around tight corners


Rub Rail Inserts and End Caps

The start and end of a rub rail often requires some type of end cap. Most all rub rail kits include rub rail end caps that match the profile of the rub rail. Replacement rub rail end caps are also available separately and, in many styles, and materials. For a rub rail made up of multiple sections, a decorative joint cap is available and is often placed over the connection concealing the joint. This option might not be available for all types of rub rails but could be worth consideration for a rub rail replacement project.


Repairing a boat rub rail could be a matter of simply replacing the insert or the rub rail cap and not the base depending on the style of rub rail. This repair can also be accomplished in short sections eliminating the need to replace the entire insert. This option will of course show the visible joints in the insert or cap.