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Mooring Whip, Premium Rocker Arm Base, 14' Pole
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Mfr: Taylor Made Products
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Mooring Whip, Premium Rocker Arm Base, 18' Pole
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Mfr: Taylor Made Products
Mfg# PMW.1800
Dock Edge, Mooring Whips, Howell
SKU: 407410
Mfr: Dock Edge
Mfg# 3120-F
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Mooring Snubber, LineSaver by Taylor Made
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
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Mooring Whips, Fixed Angle Base, Standard
Mfr: Taylor Made Products
Dock Edge Dock-Side Premium Mooring Whips (2/Box)
SKU: 562037
Mfr: Dock Edge
Mfg# DE3400F
Dock Edge Dock-Side Premium Mooring Whips (2/Box)
SKU: 562038
Mfr: Dock Edge
Mfg# DE3600F
Dock Edge Howell Mooring Whips (2/Box)
SKU: 562035
Mfr: Dock Edge
Mfg# DE3100F
Brownell PD2 Pontoon Dolly, 5"H
SKU: 562022
Mfr: Brownell Boat Stands
Mfg# PD2
Happy Hooker Mooring Aid
SKU: 566524
Mfr: Panther
Mfg# 85B203MAR

Taylor Made Mooring Whips


Mooring WhipsOcean, lake waterfront homes and canal properties encourage regular, active and extended boating. However, despite the convenience of waterfront living; passing water traffic, bad weather, tides and strong winds can take their toll on the most carefully secured vessel.


Tired of worrying about dings and marks that result from dock contact? There are several options to protect your boat from dock wear, besides fenders. Mooring Whips protect against dockside and seawall damage by pulling your craft away from the dock where wave, wind, wake, and tide action can damage it , while allowing the boat to move naturally with the water.


Taylor Made Products is one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of marine aftermarket products, including buoys, fenders, boat covers, bimini tops, dock and mooring products, flags, pennants and hardware.


Taylor Made has a variety of mooring whip options that service a wide scope of mooring challenges proposed by waterfront docking and moorage. Available in 8 - 18 ft. lengths for boats ranging from 12 - 56 ft. and weights up to 48,000 lbs., all models are sold as pairs and include hardware and mooring lines.


Taylor Made Mooring Whips, Standard, Premium and Marina Models


Designed for fresh and/or salt water use, Taylor Made Mooring Whips are designed to pull the boat away from the dock by applying continuous variable pressure between boat and dock, while spring lines keep the boat from moving out of position.


The Taylor Made line of mooring whips are manufactured from high-quality solid fiberglass, tapered to provide superior strength and the flex action needed to maintain a safe, convenient distance from the dock. Each rod incorporates an exclusive roller tip and whip cleat design that allows for easy retrieval of the boat for boarding and makes tie-off quick and hassle-free.


The dock-mounted whip bases are cast from a super-strong aluminum alloy, which is powder coated to prevent oxidation and keep them looking good for years in the harsh marine environment.


Standard Taylor Made Mooring Whips are equipped with fixed bases. These mooring whips are made of high quality solid fiberglass poles, fixed-angle aluminum-magnesium base units, roller tips, and mooring whip lines.


All Mooring Whip kits come complete with two poles (except the PWC model comes with a single pole and the PWC base) and all of the hardware necessary for installation. These mooring whip systems are best for moderate wake and minimal tide areas for boats up to 33 ft in length and 20,000 lbs.


Taylor Made's Premium Mooring Whip comes with a unique Rocker Arm Base that lifts the solid fiberglass poles to the vertical position when not in use. Ideal for sailboats and larger, heavier or high profile boats and suitable for large salt water tidal areas, this model provides Mooring Whips for boats up to 56 ft in length and 48,000 lbs.


The Marina Model Mooring Whip is a single 13/16" diameter fiberglass pole and flush mount stainless steel base. Primarily used for temporary mooring under specific situations like at a marina or to add a third pole to a mooring whip set. Best for moderate wake and minimal tide areas, this model provides Mooring Whips for boats up to 33 ft in length and 20,000 lbs.


Installation Basics for Taylor Made Mooring Whips


Properly installed, the Mooring Whip System will protect your vessel and the dock it is attached to. Taylor Made Mooring Whip Systems are delivered with all of the materials necessary to install the system to a standard dock. The 3 or 4 step process of installation is very simple.


Some models require assembly of the whip, which is bonded together with an epoxy provided in the installation kit (Top and Bottom sections).


1. Carefully read the manual to assure this process is done correctly.


2. Installation of the bases and whip poles


Begin by tying up the boat along the dock in a convenient location. Position the front-end of the base 2" - 4" from the edge of the dock, directly across from the identified attachment area on the boat (bow and/or stern cleats). Premium models should place the adjustable rubber stopper facing the boat.


Using the two bases provided as templates, mark the location of the drilling holes in the dock. When installed, the bases should hold the poles perpendicular to the boat.


Make sure the whips are parallel with each other and perpendicular to the dock. Drill the holes in the dock for the stainless steel fasteners provided (bolts, nuts and washers) which are standard for 2" x 6" decking.


Align the bases with the holes and secure tightly.


Thread the 5/16" whip lines through the heavy-duty rollers at the upper end of the Top poles. Temporarily tie the line around the Bottom section of the whip poles.


Insert whip poles into the receiver sockets in each of the two bases on the dock. Position the poles by rotating them as required until the roller tips align in a direct line to the deck cleats on the boat. This allows smooth and free guidance of the mooring whip line and will reduce chafing and premature wear. Tighten the set screws in the base units in order to secure the whip poles in place.


Install the black whip pole cleats (which secure the whip line) on the Bottom section of the pole at a convenient working height, 3 - 5 feet from the deck; position the cleat horns perpendicular to the dock. (Image A)



(Image A)



(Image B)


3. Set your dock lines



The Standard or "X" Method. Suitable for normal docking conditions, this method (see image C) works well with standard and premium "Mooring Whips".


Two "spring lines" (supplied) will keep the boat from moving fore and aft along the dock and should be the length of the boat. Two "breast lines" (supplied) determine the distance the boat will ride from the dock and should be long enough to keep the boat 3 - 5 feet away from the dock (and never less than 1-1/2 times the tidal change). The "spring" and "breast" lines will form an under and over-lined "X". To function properly, it is important that all dock lines have equal tension with no slack when the boat is moored.



(Image C)


4. Set the Whip lines


Untie the whip lines from the whip poles and tie a bowline knot or loop in the outboard end of each line. This allows for easy placement over the deck cleats on the boat. Next, thread the inboard ends of whip lines through holes located in the center of the of the whip pole cleats. Tie knots in the ends of lines so that they will not pull free from the cleats.


Position the loops in the whip lines over the inboard boat deck cleats. From the dock, pull down on the whip line. This will pull the boat away from the dock, arch the whip poles, and tighten the dock lines. Tie the whip line off on the whip pole cleat. (see image B).