Galley Accessories

Boat worthy travel mugs, bottles tumblers and accessories
Drink and Cup Holders for your boat keep your beverage at hand yet out of the way making for a cleaner, tidier cabin, berth and galley.
Knives & utensils from R.H. Forschner, Russell Harrington and more available at LFS.
Paper Towel and Napkin Holders by Marinco-AFI, Perfection Products, Tumbleweed Mfg.
Our selection of Dish, Cup and Utensil Racks will let you create the galley on your boat just the way you want it.
Spice Racks and Shakers by Coghlan's, Grayline, Marinco-AFI, Tumbleweed Mfg., Valterra at LFS
Non-Skid by Camco Manufacturing, Legget & Platt, Vantage and others
Cookware from Magma, 3M, and more available at LFS
Towels and Aprons

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From: $1.85
Non-Skid Mat / Underlay Roll, Scootgard/Scoot Guard
Mfr: Leggett & Platt