Marine Paint & Primers

Metal Paints and Primers formulated for use on and around boats help keep corrosion at bay.
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No one is a stranger to paint and painting although now that a boat is involved the subject becomes daunting. Let this not be the case because the marine industry is well served with numerous paint products specially formulated for the marine environment that have been in use for a long time and are true and tested. This does not mean that the paint manufacturer specializing in marine products are stagnant in innovation. Definitely not so. Due to changings climate conditions, political pressure and customer environmental awareness these manufacturers are hard pressed to produce new products that perform as well as the predecessors or better. The marine environment is a chemically harsh environment largely due to the abundance of salts, moisture and ultra violet light. These components are key factors for decomposition and an economical method to mitigate the decomposition is by applying a protective coating such as paint. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is cosmetics, be it bottom paint, topside paint or varnishes, boat paints are manufactured with this in mind and all the manufactures offering the consumer a smorgasbord of choices in colors and sheens.


Surface Preparation


In any paint process, be it on the bottom, the topsides, or the interior, the most important factor prior to applying paint is surface preparation. No matter how good a marine paint product is, it will not perform as predicted with a compromised foundation. The surface preparation could be as simple as a solvent wipe or more complex such as creating a profile by either sand blasting, sanding or etching. Once the initial stage of preparation is completed the surface could require a sealer, primer or maybe both and often require application within a time frame depending on conditions such as temperature and humidity.


Bottom Paint


All bottom paints have one thing in common and that is to prevent marine growth from accumulating on the underwater part of the hull and unfortunately all bottom paints have a relative short performance life. Boat Bottom Paint are also called ‘Antifouling Paints’ and are primarily manufactured in two formulations, a soft bottom paint called an ablative paint and a hard bottom paint or, you guessed it, a non-ablative paint. Ablative paints also contain components to discourage marine growth and as these components wear away the top micro layer will wash away (fluff) revealing a surface containing additional active components. A non-ablative paint is an antifouling paint with a harder composition. This type of paint also contains components to discourage marine growth in addition to creating a surface that is difficult for marine growth to adhere to. The choice for the correct bottom paint can depend on a number of factors such as the speed of the vessel, how often the vessel is used, if the vessel is kept in the water year-round, is the mooring location fairly stagnant etc. Bottom paint manufacturers such as Pettit®, Interlux®, and Epaint Company® to name a few, provide good advice on what type of bottom paint should perform well given the circumstances.


Topside Paint


Topside paints are generally used from the waterline up. It is still important to consult the manufacturers documentation prior to application because some topside paints are not suitable for extended immersion and should not be used on the hull. As for all boat painting, preparation is key. Topside paints are typically available in single-part Enamel paints, single-part Polyurethane paints and two-part Polyurethane paints. Each type of paint has its own set of characteristics when it comes to cost, ease of application and performance. Go2Marine stock topside paints from manufacturers such as Pettit®, Interlux®, Epaint Company®, PPG®, and System Three®.




An eye-catching varnish application is a pleasure to see and to own and like any marine paint application choosing the right product for the situation is key. Whether the preferred method for wood preservation is oiling it, staining it, or varnishing it, Go2Marine stock excellent performing oils and varnishes from manufacturers such as Epifanes®, Pettit®, Interlux®, Silkkens®, and System Three®.


Paint Supplies and Accessories


It goes without saying that a paint project cannot begin without using the correct accessories such as protective clothing, tapes and tarps, brushes, solvents etc. Then there are the correct tools. Whether you are a professional or starting out, using the correct painting tool will have a profound impact on the final outcome. It also will reduce frustration and conceivably reduce the time of the project.